2.2.1 im not trying to unlock it. SInce I use a turbo sim.

So, I go through the whole jailbreaking with Pwnage Tool
Everything is good and dandy.
Get it in DFU mode. Icon pops up saying that Itunes detects an Ipod blah blah..
I can either click HELP or OK with that pop up
I click OK so that I can go ahead and open Itunes
but when I do there is nothing there. Therefore I cant custom restore it to the link that I got from here, the:

Download from zSHARE - iPhone1_2_2.2.1_5H11_Custom_Restore.ipsw!

How do I fix this?
THeres just NOTHING in my itunes even tho its plugged in and had said that it detected an ipod. Its as if it were not plugged in at all.
Any advice?