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Thread: Please help, quick question then Ill be out of the way.

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    Smile Please help, quick question then Ill be out of the way.
    I have a 2g 8gig iphone. Currently running 2.2.1 and the modem firmware is 04.05.04_G. I bought this phone this way. Cydia and everything run great. My question to you is Is there anything I need to do to configure this phone to work with tmobile? Winpwn was used for the unlocking. I plan on using a tmobile unlimited burnout sim card in the phone. As of right now I do not have any celluar data or edge apn settings in my phone. I read on here about an apn app and also a tmobile carrier data pack on cydia. Do I need either of these? Do I need to have a sim in to get the option of changing the cellular data apn setting? Will I need to run a pwning program again when I have the sim card? By the way in someones opinion What would be the easiest way for me to unlock and jailbreak this phone again. I see many different tutorials every where. And have no idea what the easiest/most stable/user friendly way of doing all that. The most automated way available would be great. But if thats not the case I do have a general computer aptitude and this is not my first rodeo hacking something. Just looking for some peace of mind answers thanks in advance. If someone can point me in that direction as well it would be greatly appreciated. I have read through many threads on here but am not really finding the answers to my questions with my modem firmware and what not. So if maybe someone could some all my answers up in one post that would be great.

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    that was in no way a quick question

    if you put the sim in and it works then you are good

    you dont need the data but it is reccomended. you can install an apn settings with cydia

    the easiest way to jailbreak is using quickpwn. just hit restore in itunes first.. but when you do it will unjailbreak you and reset your phone. if you do use it you will need the bootloaders to unlock it. get them here:

    if you have any questions ask

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    Default ok
    But what do I do with the boot loaders? Yhere is no program to do the unlock.. and what am I restoring in itunes? Am I making a backup. Whenever you get a chance proper links to good tutorials would be great. And I did the apn settings install. didn't give me a option in the network tab. Is that because I need the sim in first? Also boss prefs and sbsettings are both installed do I need these both? My open ssh works fine. Thanks again agead of time. Also do you guys think that the 2.30.03 will be unlockable in any timely manner? I got a guy who wants to trade straight up for a blackberry flip for his 8gig 3g. But the dumba$$ updated to the baseband without reading.. I do not want to do the turbo sim crap, so just wondering if its in my best interest to get it and hold on to it. Thanks

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    well if you are reffering to the 3g then yes hold on to it

    you are making a backup and then hitting restore to restore the firmware and update to the newest.

    then you use quickpwn to k\jailbreak and unlock... it will ask you for the boot loaders

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    Yes thanks again. but does anyone have any links for a solid walkthrough? Also will I not have the cellular data setting until I put in the sim?

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