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Thread: ziphone killed my iphone..

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    Default ziphone killed my iphone..
    I just tried to run ziphone to see if i can get this bastard phone unlocked. now all i get is some russian bloke on the screen, i can't do anything with it now, quickpwn just crashes if i try to run it.

    ARRRRGGGHH!!! wtf do i do now?

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    Make sure you have .NET Framework installed. Required by Quickpwn to run under Windows

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    it's installed.

    sodding thing, just had to restore (and update, even thoug i didn't want to) through itunes then quickpwn it again

    ziphone still does nothing, what a load of crap that package is.

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    ZiPhone is crap and only works on 1.1.4

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    damn thing is on 2.2.1 now, how do i roll it back? I hear yellosn0w doesn't work on the new version of the firmware (not that i ever got it to work anyway)

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    correct yellowsn0w doesn't work on that baseband 02.30.03 and there's no downgrade for your baseband sry

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    so i can't go back now? meaning i can never unlock it?!

    arse, looks like i'll have to sell it then.

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    Or wait for the iPhone dev team to unlock the 02.30.03 baseband

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    I've been waiting for an unlock for 3 months....still can't get it to work my orange sim.

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    Hello Phatty.

    sry bro, but it looks like you're fvcked.
    When your iPhone was upgraded to 2.2.1, the modem firmware was upgraded to 02.30.00.
    Currently (Feb22/09) yellowsn0w ONLY supports firmware 02.28.00.
    At this point if you want to unlock your iPhone, you'll have to use a hardware unlock (add on sim).
    __________________________________________________ ________________________

    ?? you said that you've been waiting for an unlock for 3 months!?!?!?
    Yellowsn0w came out on Jan01/09 with clear instructions. I can't help but wonder why you didn't use this method in the first place.

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    Phatty, your a moron...don't blame the program, blame yourself for not knowing what your doing. Ziphone never made it past 1.1.4
    Last edited by brent91055; 2009-02-23 at 05:08 AM.

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