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Thread: Unlock and activate 3g iphone

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    Default Unlock and activate 3g iphone
    Hi i was wondering if i buy an iphone from the states in the apple store with out a contract do i have to put an at-t
    SIM in it to activate or can i just put it in DFU mode and restore straight to a custom firmware? Then unlock with yellow snow for my french SIM.

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    Yes, But a new 3G iPhone will most likely come with firmware 2.2.1 and that is not unlocked yet. yellowsn0w with 2.2 Firmware

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    yes but if i have a 2.2 custom fimware it shouldnt make any differance if i restore and downgrade at the same time ?

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    If it's NIB, check to see the modem firmware. (settings/general/about)
    If the modem firmware is 02.30.00, then you're fvcked. There is no downgrading the firmware at this point.(as far as I know)
    If your modem firmware is 02.28.00 or prior, then you can jailbreak and unlock without any trouble at all.

    HOWEVER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    It is terribly important that you do NOT upgrade your modem firmware to 02.30.00. There is NO software unlock for this baseband. Yellowsn0w will ONLY work on firmware 02.28.00.

    Just to be clear:
    your software version is kinda like the phone's OS version. Your modem firmware will be upgraded to 02.30.00 if you apply 2.2.1 software upgrade without pwnage tool. You must use pwnage tool to create a custom restore file. This will allow you to upgrade your phone's software without upgrading your modem's firmware.

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    Thank you very much do you think iPhone selling now out the app store will have the latest modem firmware if so im F***ed

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    Quote Originally Posted by jamesbutler View Post
    do you think iPhone selling now out the app store will have the latest modem firmware
    yes, I think they do

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    Quote Originally Posted by jamesbutler View Post
    Thank you very much do you think iPhone selling now out the app store will have the latest modem firmware if so im F***ed

    No, 2.2.1 is very new. you can always check.

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    just ask the apple guy what firmware it has he will check for you

    if it is 2.2.1 you could still use turbo sim

    or hardware unlock(not recommended)

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    is there anyway to downgrade modem fimware?
    I've seen iphones on 2.2.1 but there modem firmware isn't 2.30.00

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    Of course.
    The phones you saw were jailbroken with pwnage tool in order to preserve the modem firmware. You will not see a phone in the store with v 2.2.1 without modem version 02.30.00.

    Right now you can NOT downgrade modem firmware from 02.30.00.

    If you want get an iPhone (retail) simply open it up and select settings/general/about and check. If it's modem version is anything but 02.28.00, hand it back and have them get another one for you to check. Go from store to store if you have to but if you're buying new with the intention of unlocking, you must have 02.28.00!!!!!!
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    Just one more question when you get an iPhone 3G running on 2.2 out the box it has the plug in to itunes logo thing on the front can you just without regestring or pluging it in to itunes put it in DFU and restore to a custom firmware? will the home scrren then come up and then just sync it to itunes? without activating or regestring ? would that work or would it screw the phone up ?

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    You can easily unlock it with a sim card
    No software unlock for 2.30 baseband right now. But if you are not in a hurry you can wait for a new release of yellowsnow.
    "Apple a day keeps the doctor away"

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    Question how do i unlock the iphone 2.2 with a t mobile sim
    ok heres my problem

    i have the iphone with a t mobile sim in it and its telling me the that i have to insert a valid sim card with no pin lock to activate it.

    how do i do this when i cant get into the phone?????

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