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    Hey all,

    I currently had a family plan for 3 Razr's in my family, unlimited text, 500 mins- osmething like that (AT&T of course)

    I decided to buy an unlocked iPhone on eBay and I put my SIM card in. Everything works fine but now I want to purchase an unlimited data plan from AT&T so I can take advantage of safari and mail etc.

    When I log into my AT&T account I see it detected my iPhone because under my number it shows an iPhone.

    How can I go about getting a data plan? Do I need to buy a "Family Data" plan or what?


    if it's any help, i tried to add a data plan to the iPhone alone at AT&T site (Unlimited Data + 200 Texts) for like $20/m but there was some error and wanted us to call AT&T

    but this is a problem because we never activated the iphone, and the whole reason I bought it unlocked was so that I wouldn't have to do that stupid 2 yr contract

    I'm guessing AT&T knows I didn't properly activate the iPhone and that is preventing me from purchasing this data plan??

    I'm assuming my alternative would be to buy a family data plan that would effect all the phones on the plan, including this iPhone- which now has a sim card which was previously in my razr

    thx for nothing u ***** horse **** licking pieces of ****
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    Eventually ATT will realise you have an iphone and will require you to set it up as an iphone. To the best of my knowledge they wont ake you sign a contract, but you will be paying the monthly bill.
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