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Thread: [1.1.2 OTB] [Question] 1.1.4 Unlock with Gunlock and upgrade route

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    Default [1.1.2 OTB] [Question] 1.1.4 Unlock with Gunlock and upgrade route
    I am planning to update my 1.1.2 iPhone to 1.1.4 and I have a few questions, mainly regarding unlocking. I haven't had to do this before as my O2 non-iPhone sim worked with just jailbreak and activate with 1.1.2, but I have read that this is no longer the case with the newer firmwares.

    1) Can I just go from 1.1.2 to 1.1.4 or do I have to go via 1.1.3 first?
    - Do I just do option+restore in itunes?
    - Do I need to put the iPhone in restore more first?

    2) I am going to use iNdependence to do this, which if I have read correctly, uses Gunlock to unlock the phone. Now have I got this correct; gunlock is just a software unlock. It just patches the baseband and doesn't touch the seczone so I don't need to worry about backing things like that up?

    3) Also can Gunlock be removed easily? how?

    4) Do I need to do anything special when upgrading to a new firmware in the future with regards to Gunlock?

    5) Are there any problems running the new firmware with the older baseband?
    - I ask as I found this today:
    Originally Posted by nab7007
    Yes its a good point that it can be used with any baseband but what is the difference between 04.02.13_G and any of the new basebands?Google maps locater working without using third party apps.Nothing
    That's for apple to know. Reception and battery life are a couple of things that have been noticed. They are upgraded for a reason. The system runs better when the baseband matches the software. Check the logs - they are full of kernel errorswhen mismatching software/basebands. It is your choice tho.
    ( here: )

    I do also realize I could downgrade the bootloader to 3.9 and unlock the newer basebands with ziphone but I do not wish to do this.

    Thanks for any help.

    Can anyone help?
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