I had an Anysimed OTB 1.0.2 ->Ziphone/Virginizer 1.1.3 -> Ziphone 2.5 1.1.4

I did a restore to backup.

Mail would not work. It crashed immediately after opening it. The Mail 1.1.4 Fix in installer would not work.

This is what I did:

Install SyncFix
1. Open Installer and add the iClarified source (http://installer.iClarified.com)

2. Install SyncFix (under DEV 1.1.3)

3. Plug into iTunes and sync

4. Restart phone

5. All my mailboxes, settings, and mail are there.

Works perfect. I also got Summerboard and customize to work using the 1.1.4 Summerboard fix before each app install. Its cumbersome but still worked.