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Thread: 1.1.4 something suspicious or conspiracy theory

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    Quote Originally Posted by poetic_folly View Post
    I'm writing the movie script right now. Does anyone have Mel Gibsons's cell number?
    Good one man, lol. Well, I dont think Apple plans to screw up our phones, I dont think they're dumb enough. Besides its an iPHONE not an iUSEDTOBEPHONE.

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    wasnt the xbox timebomb a result of hardware mods?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ericidle View Post
    Nope your wrong there, Apple get a cut on the tarrif negotiaited with the chosen carrier, its in both thier interests to get everyone signed up. So you see Apple do lose a lot of money from hacked iphones that puts them in the same boat and M$
    they don't loose a lot since most unlocked iPhones are in countries where the phone isn't even sold

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    Quote Originally Posted by llol_slim View Post
    wasnt the xbox timebomb a result of hardware mods?
    Yes. The whole point of the xbox timebomb was to stop piracy that cost microsoft MILLIONS of dollars. They didn't stop it. They just removed xbox live from being used.

    Apple is NOT losing millions of dollars. Us unlocking our iPhones doesn't even come close to comparing microsoft's loss to piracy. They will not brick out phones. They can, however, prevent unlocked phones from being able to a newer firmware.

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    They could probably give two ***** less about people that jailbreak... I bet their primary concern is unlocking. Isn't the Apple platform one of the most dynamic and developer friendly platforms outside of Linux?

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    well the poll has closed and there wasnt much in it but i guess 56% for conspiracy crap wins the day.

    hope you all enjoyed the little diversion from the norm I'm off the write the book now
    Eric's iPhone 4 4.01 offically unlocked

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