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Thread: Different Sim Detected 2.1

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    Default Different Sim Detected 2.1
    Well this is my second post on here. I'm having a small problem, I have a legit att contract and jailbroke unlocked using quickpwn for 2.1 The problem is that my wife would like to use the iphone with her sim but when i switch out sims i get the different sim error. thought i did all the steps right. I hope someone can answer this question iv been searching for a few hours on here and cant find the right answer. Thanks for the help

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    Do you have a 2g or 3g iphone? Hope its a 2g, cause the 3g is not unlockable. Also, are you sure you pwned it properly?

    Some people have reported issues that were fixed after running a utility called "bootnueter" which can be found on Cydia. It is only something to read up on and Im not responsible for any damage

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    i think quickpwn is having an issue with "hacktivating" which is the activation bypass. without a proper hacivation usually by winpwn or pwnagetool this will happen. i think quickpwn is skipping the activation process.

    try to find a custom firmware for your needs and use itunes to restore to it. without this activation you get different sim errors. kinda like activating with at&t sim legit, then running bootneuter thinking you unlocked it, you still get different sim messages on the phone or in itunes.
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    I did tried and getting the same error "Different Sim Detected".

    Below are the steps followed:
    1. Updated to 2.1
    2. Run QuickPwn 2.1
    3. Getting "Different Sim Detected" Error when i try with T-Mobile or differnet AT&T Sim
    4. If i use my iPhone activated AT&T sim it work good.

    What will need to be done to fix this ???

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    hey i had the same problem and this worked for me put your iphone into dfu mode and make sure you have installed the itunes
    7.5 and hook up your iphone and download the 1.1.1 ipsw restore and itunes will tell you to restore it hold the shift key while you click the restore button then browse to the 1.1.1 firmware ipsw and restore it after that use ziphone 3.0 to unlock,Jailbreak and activate it when that is done check to see if it works with her sim card if so download i tunes 8.0 and the 2.0.1 ipsw and put the iphone in restore mode connect to computer
    and hold shift while you click restore and browse to the 2.0.1 ipsw and update it use the latest quickpwn to jailbreak,unlock and activate it put in the sim card see if it works if it does download the 2.1 ipsw and put phone in restore connect to itunes and hold shift while you click restore browse to the 2.1 ipsw install it without being connected to the internet and then use quickpwn to jailbreak unlock and activate it and it should work let me know if this helps

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    i bet her sim is a prepaid sim
    all the ones i saw with that problem were pre paid sims

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