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Thread: Iphone no service anymore HELP! Newbie!

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    Question Iphone no service anymore HELP! Newbie!
    Please help my at&t account is no longer (ex turned it off) I need at least the internet part I dont care about the phone at all, in fact if I can just turn it into a ipod touch using just the wi-fi from my Imac leapord it would be much preffered (I always hated the iphone as a phone anyway)
    Can anyone help me with STET BY STEP instructions? My phone would have been jailbroken or unlocked if I could have figured it out! I can not understand the instructions! haha. It took me a month before I could figure out to convert and sync movies in itunes!!! Got my first computer ever in my life 3 monthes ago and iphone one week later so I really need someones help please.....
    I have airport extreme on my imac is there a way to set up to share internet like that!? Tethering is what I need to more about and if it could be of use to me...

    Iphone version 1.1.4 8gb
    latest firmware update via itunes 2.1

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    well you cannot tether if you dont have service so forget about that.
    I am not sure if you can use the phone without 'activating' it through itunes unless you unlock it or jailbreak through something like pwnage tool. there are GREAT step by step instructions (click here >Pwnage 2.x Guide 3G - ModMyi - Wiki )

    Once you get the phone turned on and past the slide to unlock part and can see your home screen you will be ready to set up your wifi. Mac's have the ability to share the internet. You can do this by going into system prefrences>sharing> then check off internet sharing>set your personal options (ex if you want to set a password and name your network)

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    Now go to the system icon on your iphone and click on wifi and choose the network (you may or may not have to enter a password depending on your personal settings)
    YOUR IN!! HAPPY BROWSING! Plus if you used pwnage tool to jailbreak youll have cydia and installer and you can download some nice applications as well.. not to mention the other things you can do that apple doesnt want you to do because they dont profit off of it :-p I wont get into that though.. haha good luck hit thanks if I helped.. You can PM me for specifics
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    Thank you for replying, sorry it took so long to get back to you with a reply message my mac just got back from apple getting repaired so I had no Internet.

    Ok, my question is What are the benifits to a jailbroken iPhone if you don't want another phone carrier just access to the Internet, mail, etc. I would love to be able to have more options to change stuff and have 3rd party apps without going through iTunes but what happens to all the apps I bought through the app store (which I can still use without Internet connection) do I lose those? can you still sync your phone with iTunes so I can add movies, podcasts, music? would they know my phone was jailbroken when I tried to sync and mess it all up? if you could answer these questions that would be very helpful because I have read to many things of stuff not working right so any help will make it easier to decide what to do......thank you so much again!!!!!!!!
    Also I don't know if you know the answer to this but do you know if you can use SMS without having a provider just wi-fi?

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