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Thread: No Service error, on all versions/basebands

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    Default No Service error, on all versions/basebands
    Hey guys, ive been trying to get my 2g iphone to finally work, and it all seems well but I still have the No service icon, once in a while ill see tmobile and have service, but it stays stuck in no service.

    Ive done everything ive found searching, back to 2.0, fresh 1.1.4, kiphone after unlock, iliberty on 1.1.4, boot neuter back to stock, then back to unlock, still no service. Has there ever been a soild answer for this?

    Whats the fastest way to get a true otb version again? Is restoring back to 1.1.4 enough?

    I'd eventually like to go back to 2.1, but its not even working in older versions.

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    well, I would say, that if you have tried through software, and haven't fixed it, since once in a while you get service, this is because the antenna of the com board inside probably is broken... (did this happen after dropped)?

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    I don’t know if this going to help or not.....long story short.....I dropped my iphone once and needed to replace cracked display. So I did it myself. During process one has to remove all 3 antenna connectors inside the iphone. I did it all and have had my iphone as new again. Out of the blue, on one day I had NO SERVICE on display, and repair needed. Tried everything, restoring, used all available methods and software. Nothing seemed to be working, still NO Service. After about a week of trying, I was almost ready to throw this thing into garbage can. But I thought to myself; I will give it the last shot. I`ll open it again, take everything apart, put back together again, maybe miracle would happen........and.......miracle has happened!! I found out that one of those little tiny antenna connectors was snapped off. That happened probably because I did not put it back right way for the first time, yet I drive Harley, and you know, Harley shakes a lot. After I connected it back, I have no problem with my iphone since. So go ahead and try to check yours inside. Good luck.

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    how do u take an iphone apart

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    here is how
    iFixit - Installing iPhone 1st Gen. Display Assembly

    .or here
    [ame=]YouTube - iPhone Screen Replacement & Disassemble/TakeApart Directions[/ame]
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