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Thread: 1st Gen just stopped working, help please

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    Default 1st Gen just stopped working, help please
    Im very new to this and everything i know i learned in the past 2 days, I knew nothing about the iphone before that. hell I hadnt even picked one up to play with it.

    ok so I've had this 1st gen iphone (1.1.4) for 3 days. worked fine with tmobile till today about an hour ago. guy i got it from said he used jailbreak and anysim (cant tell you versions yet because no wifi here) the only think I have done/ changed was the t-zones hack. (done this morning and everything worked great).

    now the service bars are full states t-mobile next to them but there is a blank square is next to the word t-mobile. before that box had an E( if i remember right)

    now when i try to make a call it states: CALL fAILED.
    I restarted the phone a few times and still not calling out and no web.
    now while typing i made a call and it worked,hung up to make another and CALL FAILED.
    any ideas ?

    ok very strange it just started working again (web and phone)
    maybe this was a t-mobile service problem ?
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    There are many Networks and Standards as you know. When you get just the Blue Box or box it another network standard GRPS The iPhone also gett TTY if you turn it on. And of course we now have 3G with Data speeds of 1.6mbps up to 7.6mbps but ATT does not use that for the iPhone because of the battery life. Faster means less battery life.

    Here are some other details:

    * 1xRTT: A variant of the CDMA standard, 1xRTT (or "1 times Radio Transmission Technology") gives you data speeds between 30Kbps and 90Kbps, a bit better than your typical 56Kbps dial-up modem. Most of the non-3G phones on Sprint and Verizon have 1xRTT capabilities.
    * GPRS and EDGE: The 2.5G flavors of GSM networks, GPRS (General Packet Radio Service) and EDGE (Enhanced Data Rates for GSM Evolution) also give you data in the 30Kbps to 90Kbps range, with EDGE running slightly faster than GPRS. Again, most of the non-3G phones on AT&T offer either GPRS or EDGE, while T-Mobile—which has yet to launch a 3G network—only does GPRS and EDGE.

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