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Thread: Unable to enter DFU, so i cant pwn, any ideas?

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    Default Unable to enter DFU, so i cant pwn, any ideas?
    So, i got this used iPhone, 1st gen, from a buddy of mine cuz it suffered water damage. Phone sat for a long time to dry out while he got a 3G phone. Now, the phone works, sorta. I've used iTunes to install the 2.0.1 firmware and everything seems okay. I can install an AT+T sim card and it prompts me to active blah, blah, blah. Problem is that when i try to use winpwn to unlock + jailbreak it, i can't get into DFU mode. I hold the sleep/wake button to get the "off' slider, but no luck. Anyone have ideas/tips/tricks to move this thing along? Thanks.

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    are you actually following the directions to get into DFU mode? Because it needs to be plugged in, and it will appear to be off (black screen) when it is in DFU mode.

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    1. Plug into Itunes or Pwnage, whatever...turn phone off.

    2. Hold POWER button for 5 seconds.

    3. WITHOUT releasing POWER hold HOME button for 10 seconds.

    4. Let go of POWER button, CONTINUE to hold the HOME button until Pwnage recognizes the phone (usually 10-20 secs).

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    Problem is, i can't get the phone to turn off for more than a few seconds. It has to be off for a bit in order to start the dfu process. That's where i'm having the problem.

    Edit: I know the sleep/wake button works cuz i can get the phone to reset when i hold it and the home button. Just can't get the phone to turn off...
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    water damaged phones are basically a goner. I tossed mine. Had a tech looked at it, opened it up, there were so many things on there that were toasted....Sorry bro. I think your phone is dead, but if you can bring it back to life somehow..that would be great. Good Luck.

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    I dont understand why it wouldnt stay off?? I know it has water damage, but thats still very odd.

    But yes, it will have to be off initially. Otherwise its a no go.

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    Oh, i can also use iPhoneBrowser V 1.81 to access the phone, so i was thinking, is there anyway i can change/install/edit something in there maybe?

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    Not to allow you to jailbreak/unlock it.

    And not to make it turn off.

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    Think i may have stumbled onto something. If i hold the volume up key while the phone is rebooting, and release it after i see the disc/itunes symbol, the power off slider appears. when i use the slider, the phone stays off for like 10 secs. Im thinking if i time it right with WinPwn, i'll be able to get into DFU and make WinPwn happy at the same time.

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    Good luck. Sounds like your phone is never gonna be right though.

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    Well, it looks like all that does is switch me between recovery mode and normal mode, which is good to know i guess. Still hunting for the elusive DFU mode.

    I was curious, does anyone know if there is a program out there that will force the iPhone to go into DFU mode?
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    I had exactly the same problem but I had a spare phone with a cracked screen to mess about with. The issue is with the electronics (or connector) in the back aluminium cover it seems. When I replaced the entire rear cover + electronics it went into dfu mode fine after having exactly the same problem as you.

    Initially I thought it couldn't be the power button because it reacted to a single press without issue. It is, however, unable to do a prolongued hold procedure. In your case (no pun intended) it might be to do with the screw holding the power button in place being worn out and not providing resistance for the button to do a hold procedure. Good luck.

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