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Thread: *WARNING* about!

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    It's unfortunate this had to happen. Just know that next time, any sites advertising an unlock that the dev team has not released yet is a scam. Trust only what is free and from the devs.

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    I unlocked my 3gs 4.0.1 firmware 5.13.04 I also wasnt charged but 2 $ from the UK unlock people as I asked them to cancel the payment and they did.

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    Quote Originally Posted by riokerenz View Post

    I also had bad experience with some story of mine and until now I am still fighting to get refund through nochex..this is the company who process the credit card payment of this, but until now this nochex is also fails to help me, they should terminate their business with this website, if not thats means they support scam.

    below is my story to nochex related with my complain to get refund

    Hi recently I bought software product from

    iPhone Unlock UK - 1 Click iPhone 3G/3GS iOS 4 Software Unlock guaranteed

    for unlocked my iphone. and when I was making payment I see it processed through this nochex system.

    after I paid..I found that the software did not work..furthermore the worse thing is..the software he offered to us in frequently ask question is really different in feature and appearance.

    in addition, that software not original which this website developed..but actually it exactly same with free software called redsn0w which developed by iphone development team you can search in google about this software its really famous which unfortunately I also had tried it and did not work..

    the important thing is this website sold what they claimed they software-developed, but in fact this is other's software.

    I want my money back...and I already sent that but no response at all. now I go to you to have solution.

    furthermore, right after I make complaints this website closed my account in their website without any prior notification to rude they are.

    so for you who want to unlock your phone don't go to this website, they are scam..
    wow must say this was me too only it cost me 38.99 and i reported them to trading standards and nochex who they use to take payment . Nochex has asked them to refund me my money so hopefully they will and trading standards said they should pay back the money (yeah right ) i know it was my fault but when you need an unlock and you know nothing about the iphone you make silly decicions . i have been allover the webbys warning peeps about mr jody sander from iphoneunlockuk even managed to get his address and realy want to pay him a visit with my mates (the kind that like to break bones ) but hey thats against the law right anyways just my little rant. cant wait for tmobile to release the iphone 4 so i can then have one without unlocking it lol

    i just got my money back if you paid with nochex i suggest you open a ticket with them go here and give them hell it took me 2 months but today i got a bank transfer to my account for 38.99 if ya want i will do a transcript of my ticket to nochex just ask n i will post it up and good luck or go to my webby to see the transcript
    Do you want your i phone unlocking. Do it yourself and dont trust these sites that want to charge you money to do it for you .You can get the software for free to do it. and i will tell you how when i have finished building this site - Home
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    Default con
    iPhoneunlockuk is not a UK website. It is a con website with very doggy dealings. Never, ever go near them. What surprises me is how this website managed to stay opne as I have my suspicions about the people behind the website. It is this strong I feel about this con website

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    All they're doing using the devteams work for profit. you can get everything you need to unlock it, when the dev team releases it for free. They are preying on people who can't wait and promise a fix on something that cant be done (Baseband 5.14.02) wait it out till Sunday, then check the dev team blog for the FREE tools.

    I'm schocked so many people will pay for something like this when it is all free.

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    Default scamming b*****ds
    Hello all, just a note to agree with all but one of these posts. i paid for an unlock with these so called unlockers after being assured they can unlock any iphone operating any system in minutes!!! I was so convinced by there website and glowing referrals - gullible I now know. Anyway, eventually got my jailbreak after 2 weeks when limera1n released there version first, now I knew I had been well scammed. They did (fairplay) reply to all emails sent but the unlock was never quite ready yet. I also bought the application package (stop laughing now, please) and then found out I had to pay only an extra 0.59p to download the already available apps!!!!!
    So now I was p****d off, and absolutely hammered NOCHEX with emails about this company failing on their amazing promises on their website. After a little tooing and froing, a little more waiting, a few more emails NOCHEX got them to repay me - which they did. I was never abusive to NOCHEX and stated nothing but the truth as I figured they were more likely to help me this way.
    All in all a lesson learnt!!
    p.s I did try to look up about this company before I paid and never found theses threads before. As soon as I paid and didn't get the service i digged some more, read these and then needed a drink to control my rages that they ripped me off. Luckily for me I got my money back.

    Good luck with NOCHEX!!!

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    Please do not promote these scams...

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