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Thread: edge not working on turbo sim 3G, help

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    Default edge not working on turbo sim 3G, help
    hello guys my edge doesn't seem to be working on my 3G. phone is jailbroken and 3G is off with data roaming on. I've also downloaded the t-zones hack from cydia. I went to my network settings and typed in restarted the phone and I get no endge signal.. am i doing something wrong or missing something here? everyone seems to have their edge running on their 3G, by the way im on tmobile usa. can someone help me out. thanks.

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    you might have to ssh in and change the preferences.plist

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    or, you can try turning on DATA ROAMING, this might help, please let me know if it worked


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    Default Edge on 3g
    Ssh into the phone. Change the preferences.plist, apply the tzones hack through cydia, and change apn in cellular data network to

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    How to change the "preferences.plist"?


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    did you end up fixing the problem?

    I run into the same thing,

    I tried several APN settings

    all of them failed?

    the EDGE just does not want to work, even E sign does not show up,

    i have refreshed EDGE settings several times through Bosspref

    diactevated cellular data netowrk back and forth several time

    rebooted phone several times, obveously all in the right order

    even reset network settings to original state and then tried to change APN settings

    still did not work,

    t-zone hack does not work either with settings, but from my understanding and from what I have read all around it is not nessesary anymore if you have $5.99 data plan from t-mobile and for APN settins.
    well that does not work either, and i do have a data plan.

    has anyone solved the problem yet?

    I would apreciate any input

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    try restoring the phone and redo everything again. worked out for me when i had the same problem with my gevey sim

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    hey, imsohungover u say it work after u restore your phone, does it work well after restore?? i have the same problem but it work and go out and come back in after reboot.

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    Some sims have such problems. I had similar problems with edge and after much reading on several forums, didn't successfully solve this problem. Finally someone told me that sometimes the turbo sim card can cause such problems. I switched cards ( bought mine from Unlock iPhone 3G - Instant Unlock any iPhone recently ) This solved my Edge problem.

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