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Thread: No Service, Please Help...

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    Question No Service, Please Help...
    Love my Iphone.
    Unlocked with TurboSim to use with T-Mobile. Everything is working fine until i go into a location with no signal, the phone showing "no service" where the tmobile logo. No matter how long i waited and waited for the signal to come back, it never did.
    i'm using the Iphone 3g 2.02
    Any help would be very very appreciated..
    Thanks in advance.

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    What's Jailbreak?
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    This seems to be a very common fault with not only the 2g but the 3g as well, I have had similar problems and searched the forums for months to try and fix this problem, I have tried most things to and nothing has really worked, I do not think it is a hardware problem, so it could be fixed by some keen hacker out there, with the right knowledge, lets hope one take sup the challenge.. I know a lot of people are very frustrated about this issue. hoping for some help from someone!!!

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    Yeah, I have a friends 2G phone which I attempted to upgrade too 2.0.2 and its stuck with "no Signal", I have tried every trick I can find on this forum and the internet and cannot get the signal back... the wierd thing is that it's specific to some networks, e.g. I can get a Virgin SIM to work, but o2 and Orange do no work... wtf?

    It must be a software bug, I can't beleive with all the keen hackers out there, this problem has no solution.

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    What's Jailbreak?
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    looks like no one is willing to offer any help either, its ok having all the cool applications and toys, but if you cant use the thing to do the job it was designed for (A Phone) it sort of takes the edge of the rest of it. I have had apple computers for years now with no trouble, but they seem to have a major flaw with this one. Any Help??

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    Well the same thing happened to me 2day, the solution is very simple, just rebuild you custom FW using Pwnage, and make sure to uncheck Activate phone, just reactivate it using iTunes (thats if you have a legit card) thats it

    Thank me if it worked USING THE THANKS BUTTON ;P

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    any idea if that is also the issue if you're using a turbo sim?

    i previously had signal then it dropped out and is not coming back by the looks of things, i am quite sure when i was building the firmware the i had activate phone selected

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    Guys if you used for a few days and lost your sinal here what you do take out your sim

    card put in another phone to get your sinal then put back your iphone 3G

    i m using T-mobile USA now i do this when i lose my sinal read this then you know what i mean

    Report the True what sim adapter is working so others know and buy the right one thx all

    It's a TMSI solution. Read it before you buy it..

    What is TMSI ?

    When Mobile phone connects to the network, it sends a IMSI to netowrk system.
    (IMSI just like a passport, Let you go to the network..)

    The system will give this phone a "TMSI" code and save it in SIM card.
    (TMSI just likes a temporary passport)
    Now, This phone uses the TMSI to netowrk. it will let the system be efficient

    But..when the system ask for a IMSI (passport)..If the phone can not send a IMSI to network, the connection will be out. Even you turn off/on you phone again afetr that . doesn't work..

    Above is XXX-SIM and iPHONE 3G story.. No one can let iphone 3G send IMSI to system currently.

    Actually TMSI solution was released in Feb, 2008 by iNEX HyperSIM.
    It was used on Docomo Japanese phones.. It's not a perfect solution.

    That's why the XXXX-SIM was able to be released so soon...They just
    offer an old product...

    When using TMSI solution with 3G iPHONE, you will get..

    1. 2G mode : make/receive calls - OK. SMS-the same
    3G mode : make calls -OK, receive call - No. SMS-the same

    2. When moving from GSM tower to another one (If system ask for IMSI ),
    it may be show singal out.

    Then you must put SIM card a another phone, power on and get a signal
    ( send IMSI and get TMSI).. OK, you can put SIM to iPHONE 3G and it works..
    ( Someone called it " CPR" .. very interesting )

    3. Even you don't move.. the system will ask IMSI within 3~7 days. Singal out again.

    That why - when using these XXX SIM, they suggest to inset SIM a phone and get a signal.

    If there is no new unlock solution, you have to keep 2 phones in hand (3G iphone and another one) When Signal out, Do CPR ... maybe every day..

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    I'm having this issue as well, is there any fix out for this yet? And to the above guy. The turbo sim is not exactly friendly when taking in and out. The one I have at least, it's very fragile to put back in. I almost broke mines putting it back in because the turbo sim was hitting the board. I rather not be putting the sim in and out often.

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