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Thread: (1st Gen) 1.1.4>>2.02 (winpwn) LOST CONTACTS and MUSIC

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    Default (1st Gen) 1.1.4>>2.02 (winpwn) LOST CONTACTS and MUSIC

    I wanted to see if somebody could help with my problem. I have 1st generation iphone, using Tmobile USA. I recently updated from 1.1.4 to the new 2.02 using winpwn 2.5.

    before I did the update and unlock, I did a "sync" of my iphone so i'd have all my contacts, pics, music, etc saved and up to date.

    Well, i did the update and unlock, and restored it to my last "sync" session, and everything seemed ok, contacts were saved, all my pics, music, etc. it was on the new firmware, etc.

    However, when i tried to open my email, the screen would be white a few seconds and then crash. I tried rebooting, but that didn't help.

    So, i finally put it back into DFU mode and did the restore (with the new file that winpwn had created) again.

    This time it worked fine, including the email, but itunes didn't ask me to restore to my last saved session, so when i was finished, I didn't have any of my contacts, pics, etc. It's frustrating bc several phone numbers are now totally lost.

    I guess after everything I've just described, my question is there any way that I can sync or restore to my last synced session (before i did the update from 1.1.4), so i can have all of my contacts again, WITHOUT having to do the entire process over again?

    I mean, all of those contacts, etc are saved in itunes, right? (since i've done the update to the 2.02 i have not connected to itunes, bc i wanted to figure this out first.)

    thanks for all the help.

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    all you have to do is SYNC! If you have setup outlook, then your contacts are in outlook. If not, then your contacts are in windows! Pick an option to sync, either outlook contact or windows contact!

    Remember Sync Sync Sync

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    ^ ok but if I connect to iTunes now and hit sync, isn't it going to just treat it as a new phone? Or are you saying if I sync now, after I've done this update, itll still sync to the last time I did a sync on 1.1.4?

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    doesn't matter new phone or iPhone. If you sync, info on your computer will transfer to the iPhone. Contact and music...

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