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Thread: Have active ATT sim,erased contents + settings on 2G, in 911 mode, ?? is my firmware

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    Question Have active ATT sim,erased contents + settings on 2G, in 911 mode, ?? is my firmware
    Hi. Help me, PLEASE.

    My honey just got the new 3G yesterday because I needed a PDA phone that would sync correctly with my Mac. My BB Curve doubles all entries, and I live by my calendar, contacts, notes and texting. Especially Calendar. I figured we would bump him up, pay the extra $10 on his account because his work pays for his phone and it can be justified. My plan was to take his old one because it is designed for Mac and I squeeze the life out of Calendar. I don't need internet, and don't want to sign up for the additional contract because my phone gets paid by my honey's work as it was only $10 to add a line, there is no way to justify me having an additional $30-$40 on that bill.

    Before I "erased all contents and settings" yesterday (9-6-08), the phone had whatever the most recent updates were available. My iTunes is up to date on whatever version is currently out.

    Currently, the 2G is in "emergency only" mode.

    I was researching how to activate the phone with my active ATT sim. I saw that QUICKPWN seems to be what all the buzz is about, but that you need to make sure that your firmware is 2.0.2 or there will just be a pineapple on the screen or you can brick the phone.

    I have tried to find out the firmware by sliding the unlock and then entering *3001#12345#* then dial, it doesn't do anything. I have also do it without the last * as *3001#12345#, then it says "Error Performing Request Unknown Error."

    Anyone know how I can find out my current firmware? I am uncertain if when I "erased all contents and settings" it reduces my firmware to its original or what. Plus, I don't even know what firmware is current anyway.

    I heard that using QUICKPWN is the best option because using it won't brick your phone permanently.

    If anyone knows how to walk this non-techie chick through a 2G unlock with an already active ATT sim, please let me know. I am dying to use my new toy!!

    Thanks so much.

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    1 Thread per question Please... I deleted your other 2 threads...

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    Default Sorry
    Sorry, I only posted this once. Though I did go put another thread in another area where I though it might fit better. But if you have deleted two of mine, I only posted two. Its my first time here, when I went to post, it said I needed to log in again, maybe that made an identical post. My apologies. That wasn't my intention.

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    No worries... Some times that happens and a thread gets posted twice.

    I would Quickpwn your phone

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    Default Firmware??
    Thanks much. From what I read about that, I would need to know my firmware version, which I don't. How do I go about finding that out on my 911 only iphone?

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