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Thread: Unlock BL 4.6 and have Baseband 04_03_13?

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    Default Unlock BL 4.6 and have Baseband 04_03_13?
    Is it possible to have 04_03_13 on an OTB 1.1.2/1.1.3 iPhone?

    It seems that the unlock solutions downgrade the baseband before unlocking. The problem is that the locateme function won't work on this baseband.

    I have an official O2 iPhone tariff but would like to be able to use any sim I like.

    I'm not sure whats better, Locateme or unlocking! Tough decision! Wish I could have both!!!

    Is this possible? Is someone (Geohotz?) working on this?

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    you can use ziphone to downgrade your bootloader to 3.9, then you can have 1.1.3 with 04.01.03 baseband and then ur phone would be unlocked and locate me would be working.

    PS. you can not upgrade your bootloader to 4.6 later, atleast there's no software method for it and a lot of people would advice you not to mess with the bootloader.

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    there is no way to upgrade bootloader from 3.9 to 4.6 but if anything goes wrong and ur iphone is still under warranty, break it and get a new one! (itll have bl 4.6) oh waitt, just make sure u break it enough that they cant find out that u tried to downgrade ur bootloader haha. but ive downgraded bootloader to 3.9 and it works fine (with ziphone).
    hit thanks if thanks are due.

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