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Thread: Iphone Dead Strip Problems

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    Default Iphone Dead Strip Problems
    Hey there guys.
    Recently I found out that my 2G I phone is now the victim of the dead strip problem. The strip is in the exact middle of my screen! The problem being I am a T-mobile user and my iPhone is Unlocked. The phone is still under factory warranty, but my question today is how do I go about trying to return my phone to the Apple Store??

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    It is not a problem, just do a full restore on your phone then remove the sim card and take it into the apple store. It wont be an issue if they ask about the sim just tell them you needed a working phone and put it in another phone. (Sometimes it takes a while for the phone to kick back on at the apple store and you could not wait!)
    Good luck

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    Is it as simple as that though? Do they ask for an AT&T phone number or something?? Will they need to power the phone on to test the screen? Can they with AT&T sim? Sorry for all the questions...

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    If you call Apple and explain the problem to them, they will ask you for your ATT phone number. All you have to do is buy a GoPhone account for 25.00. After a month, you can just ditch the number and you will have a new working iPhone. Just remember to restore the phone. Apple is going to give you the option of either sending the phone to them, or swapping out the phone at the Apple Store. If you choose to swap it out, they will set you up with a Genius Bar appointment.

    Most people that work at the Apple Store are morons. As soon as they see the evil strip, they will check to make sure it's under warranty and swap the phone out immediately..Good luck

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    isnt the phone under warranty weither your an att customer or not? I mean you purchased the equipment and the warranty is through apple, not att... right?

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    Bring it in the genius bar, they'll take a look and replace it quite quickly. They may do a "soft" activation and may ask for the sim, or AT&T #, they may not. it just depends on the service person. What i did, was activate my iphone thru AT&T, sign up with a new contract and got my phone serviced no problem. Then cancelled my AT&T service within the next day so you won't get any activation charges. And since your handset is older than 30 days, no charges will be applied.

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    The phone is ONLY covered if you currently have AT&T's service activated on it. If dont have an activated AT&T simcard in it......they will not touch it.

    Unlocking voids the warranty (which is in their disclaimer, warranty paperwork) as you are "tampering" with the device.

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    If your lucky and have a easy guy to talk to, you may get it fixed. Though i am 99% sure you will not because they do require a AT&T number.

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