Hi all

Basically im due for upgrade soon. Im currently on Vodafone but am likely to chnge back to O2...for some reasons i have been getting regular problems with reception..or it cud be the phone :S

Anyway i am gonna buy a 16GB iPhone off the Apple store UK and going to jailbreak it myself...hopefully. I am then going to get a new 12 month contract with a free phone so i can sell it off to pay for the iPhone. will that sim card that comes with the contract still allow me to use all of the usual features associated with buying an iPhone and contract at the same time? So that means YouTube, Google Maps - Locate me, Web etc etc.

Also i guess its going to come with 1.1.3 can i also unlock the phone (using Jailbreak) to all networks as i will need to use more than one sim card in it every now and again.

Please bear with me i dont know too much about all of this.