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Thread: Purchasing a used iphone???

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    Default Purchasing a used iphone???
    Hello all,

    I would like to know if I should purchase a used 2g iphone or just go out and purchase a 3g iphone, even though I am on t-mobile. I understand that t-mobile does not have 3g on all of its major networks yet. Also, I know that ATT & t-mobile use different frequency for their 3g.

    My main concern is that the person I was/am going to purchase it from, is willing to sell it for a less than a few hundred dollars. Is it possible that it is stolen or lost? And, if so,is there a way for Apple or ATT or other carriers to track it, if I purchased it? Also, will unlocking the iphone, will help it not get it from getting caught with the iphone? I do not want to get in trouble for petty stuff concerning that.

    Thanks for your help in advance.
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    if you want to use it now without problems, then go for the 2G... its totally pwned. All 3G unlocking solutions are pretty shady.. none have been proven to work for an extended period of time and I dont think any of them will until a software solution is found which could take some time...
    As far as your other question, yes... it is possible to track a phone with the IMEI number... that number is unique to every phone and it bounces back and fourth to the carrier thought the day... will they trace it to you, no. AT&T wont do anything about it nor will apple. When purchasing my phone since you can not insure the iPhone I asked what would happen if it was stolen... if there was a way to trace it back if it was activated by someone else, and they told me no... spoke to apple and att customer care and got the same response so I know it to be the truth... I guess they would rather the person that lost it, spend more money and buy another one...they already have you locked in a 2 year contract so what do they care. LOL
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