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Thread: Community Opinion - downgrading bootloader

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    Default Community Opinion - downgrading bootloader
    So currently the only way to unlock 4.3.13 if you have a 4.6BL phone is to downgrade to 3.9 and run anysim. This is, after reading geohotz's blog it would seem that downgrading from 4.6 to 3.9 is now quite simple, but going back from 3.9 to 4.6 requires a hardware mod (ironic isn't it).
    So obviously as the moment, 3.9 is the way to go to be most up to date, bit it appears that getohotz is writing custom bootloaders to permanently unlock the phone, but that would need BL 4.6 to apply them.
    To the crux of my post is, is it worth downgrading to 3.9 right now to be able to use 4.3.13 (and so locate me properly - is it more accurate with 4.3 than 4.2?) or is that going to put me at a disadvantage should custom bootloaders be released that require 4.6 to install? Is there possibly scope for a software bootloader upgrader maybe?
    Cast your opionion!

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    Becuase geohotz bootloader is a custom one i think it will install on any current iphone, whether it has bl 3.9 or 4.6, because geohot will code it so that it installs fine. If you think about it an upgrade from 4.6 to custom is a software upgrade of bootloader so therefore it will be possible to software upgrade 3.9 to custom.


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    I'd have said the same as you, but after reading these comments on hotz' latest blog entry, I'm slightly more wary...

    Quote Originally Posted by solor
    so you are saying gbootloader doesnt work on 3.9, so i assume if someone will want to use custom bootloader will need to hardware upgrade first to 4.6? or you think it could work on 3.9 (maybe different method). Also if HW upgrade is needed i guess normal TP with ienew/iunew works with 4.6 norz ofc?
    Quote Originally Posted by george
    As it does not works on 3.9 BL
    (aka upgrading BL to 4.6), the check must be cuz after downgrading to 3.9 we just get stuck in it. Afterall gbootloader`s concept is load a modded BL, not a virgin one.

    Am I wrong hotz?
    Quote Originally Posted by george
    The HW ienew/iunew method, is able to write the 4.6 BL in a 3.9, just use the 4.6 BL as nor.
    You have to open the iPhone though.

    Left at about 2:45am feb 13th.

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