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Thread: How can I update unlocked 4.02.13_G to 4.03.13_G on 1.1.3 and stay unlocked ?

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    Default How can I update unlocked 4.02.13_G to 4.03.13_G on 1.1.3 and stay unlocked ?
    I have a jailbroken, unlocked 1.1.3 iphone with 4.6 bootloader and the 1.1.2 baseband, did all this using ijailbreak. Can I use ziphone 2.0 to do the same but change the baseband to 1.1.3 one (4.03.13_G)?

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    No you can't as there is currently no publicly released method to unlock 4.03.13G on 4.6 bootloader iphones. However a hardware method has been found to unlock this new baseband, but it has not been released publicly.


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    What about this guy, who clearly has 1.1.3 unlocked with the 1.1.3 baseband, scroll down on the site to see screenshots:

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    I haven't kept upto date with the latest news. Yes you can run 1.1.3 4.03.13G unlocked.

    Info is here:

    You need to use the latest ziphone to downgrade the bootloader to 3.9, from there there are many guides to unlocking 3.9 and i think ziphone does it for you anyway. It is risky apparently to use the bootloader downgrade.

    Just to let you know i have just done the bootloader downgrade and it worked fine with no problems at all. i used the guide i linked to in the thread i created for this, just goto the jailbreak/downgrading topic and you sho9uld see my thread. I now have a 3.9 bootloader and i am currently applying the ipsf style unlock .

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