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Thread: Any reason not to ditch 3G for first gen iphone?

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    Default Any reason not to ditch 3G for first gen iphone?
    I was looking into possibly selling my new 3G, for the first generation iphone so I can switch back to T-mobile for their better plans. (better on the pocket book anyways). I'm curious for anyones opinion on rather or not this would be a good thing?

    I know I would be without 3G service if I go back to the first gen, but in my area the 3G sucks anyways and I spend more time using wifi...

    For the GPS, would it really matter? I mean since there's no turn by turn, or anything like that the most I use GPS for is "Stores local to me". The first generation iphone's gps should be good enough for that shouldn't it?

    I know theres a cance the current 3G will be unlocked software wise, but the AT&T bills are just a little to much for me... And now I can barely use the phone durning the day because of lack of minutes.

    So is there really any reason not to go back to the first gen?

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    If the 2g will do everything you want....go with it. Its personal preference and you named off all the highpoints of the 3g.

    For me (AT&T), I love the 3G speeds versus Edge, the GPS is cooler than well, not having it and I like the redesign of the newer phone.

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    good question. I was in the same situation as you but I found a really good deal on the iphone 3G, without living tmobile. The main reason I like the iphone 3g is because of the A-GPS. Other than that there's no reason to get it. That's my personal opinion.

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    By the way CDRacingZX6R, im assuming with that handle you ride?

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    Default I'm sticking with the 3G model.
    Seems there are a few of us in the same situation with our locked 3G iPhones.

    Personally, I've decided to stick it out until the unlock solution becomes available. It's only a matter of time before a superb turn by turn navigation software becomes available, that will hopefully make use of the A-GPS functionality without having to use the 3G network.

    I also believe that eventually there will be some kind of baseband options available to allow other networks to take advantage of the 3G technology in the 3G iPhone.

    Just my 2 cents worth, but worthwhile remembering that whilst the iphone may well have been worked on for several years before its release, it's only really been made available for developers since the SDK release this year....and look at how many apps have been released since then!!

    I come from a Pocket PC/Phone background with experience in ROM modding/building, and whilst it seems that that platform is years ahead in terms of software availability and close to 20,000 apps to choose from, I believe that in less than 6 months, the quality of apps produced for the 2.0 FW iPhones (1st or 2nd Gen) completely outclass the software on Windows Mobile platform!

    Give it some more time and you'll be glad you stuck with the 3G model, even though reverting to a 2G iPhone won't make you regret it anyway.

    Best of luck in your decision making.

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