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Thread: GeoGod's unlock on UK iPhones?

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    Default GeoGod's unlock on UK iPhones?

    Just wanted to be sure before I order,

    Does it work on 1.1.2/1.1.3 iPhones from the UK?
    Anyone tried?

    Thanks in advance!


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    Yes this works on all current iphones. you will need to jailbreak the phone first but once you have done that you simply goto installer, install bsd subsystem and then install the GeoHotz 1.1.2/1.1.3 Unlock and let it run. You will get a message with phone is now unlocked at the end. (PS before you install anything from installer goto settings>general>autolock and set to never)


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    What about all turning Airplane Mode on? Is it necessary with the Installer method?

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    Quote Originally Posted by macjakob View Post
    What about all turning Airplane Mode on? Is it necessary with the Installer method?
    I was installing the unlock from installer with airplane mode off (wifi on) and was hopeing that it would just send an app to the home screen and then i could turn airplane mode on. Nope it started installing right away..... i thought id be in for a restore or even worse

    2mins later i had a perfectly working unlocked 1.1.3 UK iphone

    Some shaky moments there !! but happy as can be now im back on vodafone

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    Yeah i have done this a few times and never turned airplane mode on, and have never had a problem doing it, works fine.

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    Thank you all for your help!

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    Does it matter which 1.1.3 jailbreaking method you've used? Reading the differences between Nate's method and Dev teams, I'll a little relucant to install stuff these days.

    I used nate's method, BTW, and it's working fine. Can I use GeoHot's unlock on this version?

    Also, which Installer repository did you use?

    There's versions flying around all over the place these days, is the one on iClarified ok to use?

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    Hi it doesn't matter which jailbreak version you used, however it is generally considered that the dev teams works better (i.e. the phone has less issues after the jailbreak etc.) You can use geohots unlock on either jailbreak method. But it is recommended however that the unlock is run from the lowest firmware version possible according to geohots blog, although i have had no problems running on 1.1.2, and i can't see why you should have any problems on 1.1.3 (ensure autoloack is set to never). I have used iclarified repository and it is ok to use, it is a well known and respected source.

    Hope this helps,

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    Thanks James.

    iClarified have no mention about which firmware to run it from, and seems to indicate 1.3 is fine OTB and jailbroken (official), provided the device is running Bootloader 4.6.

    As many different sites have developed their own package to run via the Installer, who knows what it does/doesn't do that's different to Geohot's blog.

    You mentioned Dev Team's works better, less issues, do you know which issues? My 1.1.3 via Nate's works fine, and every App I installed since works, no Wifi problems, no EDGE problems, no phone problems at all. I read all sorts of issues with the Dev team method though, and the additional packages to install afterwards to sort them out, or has that all been sorted now. Is there a newer version of the Dev Team Jailbreak that's had all it's problems sorted now?

    Thanks again for any time you spend on replying
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    Hi, yes there is a newer version of the dev team jailbreak out, it is version 1.1.3-3, and i think all the bugs that can be, have been fixed. I am only going by the info and opinions of others when i say the nate true method has more issues, if it works fine for you there is no point in changing your method. However i have a read a few times that once the sdk kit comes out that there may be issues running the official programs if you upgraded using nate true's method. But supposedly the dev team method should be fine from what i have read. A quick google search will give you more info. I do know that with the dev team method you need to install locate me and run it before the location function in google maps will work, is this the same with nate true method?

    And as i said i cannot see any reason why there should be any problems running the unlock from 1.1.3.


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