i've searched high and low and i can not find a solution for my problem.

* I put a pay as you go sim card in the 3G iphone, wasnt asking to be activated anymore, i could use it in itunes.

* Everytime I jailbreak my phone with the modified firmware 2.0.1 using winpwn, I get "no service" signal on my phone, but when i install the original unmodified firmware i get service and obviously nothing is activated.

* I've tried restoring it with "activate phone" ticked and unticked, i stll get no reception.

* Then I tried quickpwn with 2.0.1 firmware and i'm getting a reception, but youtube, maps and 3G isnt activated.. i can only access youtube, maps when i put Wi-Fi on..

am i doing something wrong?

Note: i had the same problem on 2.0 firmware, so i updated to 2.0.1