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Thread: How Can It Be This Hard T.t

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    Default How Can It Be This Hard T.t
    ok, i had a 1.02 work unlocked and jailbroken iphone and i accidently installed to smbs on it through ibrickr, this made it go in an endless loop, so i restored my fone in itunes with 1.02 firmware. Next, i used apptapp installer to boot the phone in normal mode because after error 1013 shows up when i restore the phone. now i need to activate my 1.02 iphone. Ive tried nearly everything i can find, and did not work. Firstly, i cant even jailbreak my phone, when i try to using ibickr, it fails. I also tried pacay, and simfree installer to activate the phone and neither works. I also noticed that when i check the firmware of my phone by calling*3001#12345#* , it tells me i have a 1.11 firmware (04.01.13_G is firmware 1.1.1) bt i clearly have a 1.02? some1 plz suggest what i should do, i dont want to pay money to activate my phone -.- it shouldnt be this hard...

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    go to for tutorial. look for a guide unlock 1.1.1 instead of 1.0.2.
    coz what you have in your iphone is version 1.1.1 instead of 1.0.2

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rhonn1n View Post
    I also noticed that when i check the firmware of my phone by calling*3001#12345#* , it tells me i have a 1.11 firmware (04.01.13_G is firmware 1.1.1) bt i clearly have a 1.02?
    Not necessarily, 04.01.13_G is the baseband firmware version, not the main phone firmware - you may still have 1.02.

    Anyway, the simplest thing to do I would think, would be to shift-restore in iTunes to 1.1.1, then jailbreak and unlock from there. There are plenty of guides around telling how to do this.
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    If you go that route AnySim will get an error every time you try to unlock, at least that what happens with me.

    Get back into 1.0.2 and run AppTapp or wINstaller. After you are jail broken, add as a source. Refresh, and scroll down to "Unlocking Tools" and get the download Baseband package. After that, I run the Virginizer script to make sure everything is straight. Restore again to whatever firmware and redo your jailbreak and unlock. Hope this helps

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    if you are having trouble with 1.0.2 why not try the 1.1.1 update and use the approach?
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    Default thnx for the advice so far ppl :S
    >frankydabull the prob is i cant even jailbreak it, apptapp dont work, and ibrickr makes my phone flash in yellow tri, then blue screen, then a bunch of codes come up.

    Is updating to 1.11 as simple as restoring then using ibrikr to boot it or do i need to viginize and stuff?

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