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Thread: [GUIDE] Jailbreak+ACTIVATE+Unlock BL 4.6 OTB 1.1.2 | 1.1.3

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    Default [GUIDE] Jailbreak+ACTIVATE+Unlock BL 4.6 OTB 1.1.2 | 1.1.3
    IMPORTANT*: You must have enough disk space free on your iPhone to install this package. Otherwise Installer may display a beach ball and then crash to the Springboard.

    PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU DON'T DO THIS ON A 3.9 If you have the 3.9 BL or OTB 1.1.1 and below, Use this GUIDE

    Iphone 1.1.1 Firmware
    Iphone 1.1.2 Firmware
    iBrickr V.91
    1.1.2 Jailbreak
    iTunes 7.6 or 7.5
    WiFi Connection REQUIRED
    Bricktool Only download this file if after the unlock and you don't get No Service.

    If your OTB 1.1.2 or 1.1.3 is still NOT JAILBROKEN Proceed to Step 1.

    If your OTB 1.1.2 or 1.1.3 is already JAILBROKEN then proceed to Step : 5

    Step 1: Preparing for DFU MODE

    If you haven't do so, plug your iphone to your computer and open up itunes. Put your iphone to DFU mode by pushing and holding Sleep/powerup button and Home Button until your iphone screen turn black and you hear the beep sound on your computer then let go of your Sleep/Power button but keep pushing your home button. Now in about 20 seconds, you will hear another beep on your computer then itunes will recognize your iphone that is on DFU mode.

    Step 2: Downgrading your 1.1.2 to 1.1.1

    On itunes, press and hold shift+restore (for windows) and browse on your Iphone 1.1.1 firmware you have on your file or you just downloaded then click OK. Itunes will start on restoring your iphone, relax and wait till the restore is done. You will get error 1015 THAT IS NORMAL. Click ok on the error message then Ok again on another message that telling you your iphone is on recovery mode. go press and hold shift+restore again then browse on your iphone 1.1.1 firmware again then click ok. Once it is done YOU WILL GET Another 1015 error that is GOOD! now open up ibrickr V.091
    Ibricker will give you 2 options. BOOT THE IPHONE or DOWNGRADE to 1.0.2 CLICK BOOT THE IPHONE.your iphone screen will turned red. Then after few seconds you will get the activate screen.

    Step 3: Jailbreaking and Activating 1.1.1

    On your iphone, slide to emergency then dial *#307# iphone will ring then delete *#307# and dial 0 then press answer, now put the call on HOLD. The phone will ring again this time press decline. You will now have access on your contact. Create a new contact name it whatever you want. look for add url tap it then add this: prefs:/ tap save, tap add url again and add this: tap save then save your new contact. now tap your first url "prefs:/" This will take you to your settings. Go to your WiFi connection and add your network. Now push home button. This will take you back to your activation screen. Slide to emergency again then dial 0, phone will ring press answer, put it on hold then phone will ring again then press decline.
    Back to your contact that you created, now go to the your safari will open then once the website fully loaded scroll down to buttom page then install appsnap. Your screen will be back to activation screen then will reboot in a few moment. Then you have the slide to unlock. Iphone won't have service if you downgraded from 1.1.2


    Back to itunes, if you havent done so close all those pop up messages earlier. Then setup your iphone to your back up file. Once that is done, Back to your iphone and open installer. Scroll down to tweaks 1.1.1 and install oktoprep. Once you get the you are ready to upgrade to 1.1.2 click ok then pushed home button and let it soft reboot to slide to unlock. Back on itunes, press and hold shift+UPDATE then browse on your iphone 1.1.2 firmware on file then click OK. Itunes will now Update your iphone to 1.1.2. Once it's done, If you have the OTB 1.1.3 YOU WILL GET 1015 Error IT's GOOD!! That's EXPECTED. Now open iBrikr and click BOOT THE IPHONE. Then click OK ON ANY message your itunes will give you then close it. Run 1.1.2 JAILBREAK Don't bother installing SSH then follow prompts.

    Step 5: Preparing for the Unlock
    You should have an activated jailbroken 1.1.2, open installer and install BSD Subsystem 2.1 under SYSTEM folder Make sure your installer is also updated then install Term-vt100. Go back to home and let it soft reboot to slide to unlock. Go to settings->general->auto lock to NEVER. Back to installer Go to sources and tap edit then ADD then add this to the url address: tap ok then tap done then tap refresh to refresh it again. Now go back to install then look for iClarified then install Geohot unlock (1.1.2 - 1.1.3) After you tap install you will see a message notice. PUSH HOME BUTTON THEN PUT AIRPLANE MODE ON Back to installer then Tap CANCEL ON TELLING YOU TO DISABLE AIRPLANE MODE then TAP ok on the 5 mins warning about the gunlock. After 5 minutes, you will get another notice telling you that your iphone is unlock! That's it!! Reboot your iPhone. If you want to upgrade to 1.1.3 then Proceed to the next step.

    Step 6: Preparing for Upgrade to 1.1.3
    Open installer Go to system folder and install OFFICIAL 1.1.3 soft upgrade and follow the prompt. If your iphone is UNLOCK and didn't use the ACTIVATION through itunes then press YES on first popup message regarding about the hactivation and NO to the next message. Sit and relax make a coffee or something cause this will take about 20 mins to 50 mins. Once it is done, you will see EITHER totally black screen with your network service wifi time on top, or rebooting your iphone. If you have been waiting for 10-15 mins Go ahead and press and hold sleep/power button and home button until the screen turns black then let go on both button, then press sleep/power button to turn it back on.

    Step 7:

    Ok, Now you have 1.1.3 unlock. Back to installer go to uninstall and UNINSTALL GeoHot Unlock (1.1.2, 1.1.3)

    SOUND: If there are no sound coming out from the speaker but your ringtone can make sound, Go TO SETTINGS-GENERAL-RESET- RESET ALL SETTINGS. After your Iphone reboot, you will have your sound back
    YouTube: Go to your installer, tap sources then edit then ADD. Add this address: Tap OK then DONE then REFRESH. After the refresh go to install then scroll down and look for Unlocking Tools. Then install YouTube Activation. Reboot your iphone after it's done.
    SPINNING WHEEL DURING THE UNLOCK PROCESS: Reboot your iphone by holding sleep/power and home button until the screen turns black then let go. Turn power back on. And redo the unlock process.
    NO SERVICE AFTER THE UNLOCK: put bricktool files in USR/BIN OPEN TERMINAL IN PHONE AND USE THE FOLLOWING COMMMAND AND RESTART THE PHONE 1=cd /usr/bin 2=chmod +x bricktool 3=bricktool d (after this command it will tell you PHONE PART ENABLED). Reboot your iPhone.

    Since your BB still on 04.02.13_G, your MAP GPS will not work. You will need to use the LOCATE ME or NAVIZON to get it to work.
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    Carrier: Tmobile
    Location: California, SD
    Apple iPhone 8gb : FW 1.1.2 Unlocked
    EDGE: $5.99 Tzones Plan
    Email: YES
    MAP: YES
    YouTube: YES

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    I can confirm this unlock works for OTB 1.1.2 and it allows you to use ANY SIMCARD YOU WANT! I am currently sending and receiving texts and calls from ORANGE using a contract sim card! - GeoHot is the man - the dev team are shocking for not finding this months ago!
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    i get this error message when try to run jailbreak 1.1.2

    "This utility can only be used if you have already run OktoPrep before updating to 1.1.2"

    i guess you have to run OktoPrep before update... i will try that again.. i have a brand new 16GB so i will comfirm if this will work or not.

    that's strange, i did install OktoPrep before update to 1.1.2 and try to run jailbreak1.1.2 and still get the error message... not sure what's going on.
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    If this is an unlock for 1.1.2 and 1.1.3 why not upgrade to the baseband from the installer source?

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    OK I can CONFIRM THAT IT WORK with new iPhone 16GB firmware 1.1.3 OTB.

    my iPhone 16GB now is unlock to t-mobile

    thank you for the great guide, i have to upgrade to 1.1.3 for the phone service to work leaving it at 1.1.2 and install geohot doesn't give me phone service, it keep saying network error so i did the software upgrade to 1.1.3 and it work.
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    wow! This guide looks nice and simple. Thanks.

    One small question, why are we updating our firm via installer instead using iTunes?
    1st Gen iPhone 2.0 - Jailbroken and Unlocked on T-Mobile

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    my youtube and e-mail app doesnt work, help please!
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    works perfect!!

    I don't think you could ever be thanked enough!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by bebex View Post
    my youtube and e-mail app doesnt work, help please!
    to work youtube add and use youtube activation to get mail to work install mail fix
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    Quote Originally Posted by heath_rox View Post
    to work youtube add and use youtube activation to get mail to work install mail fix
    where are these packages located?

    ok so i found the one for youtube but not the one for the e-mail password fix
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    worked flawlessly! hells yes 1.1.2otb fully software unlocked. no more sim* stuff lol

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    look for the source called
    I don't know the XML off the top of my head but you can search for it easily

    I can confirm it works as well. did it on my bros 16 gig earlier before work. didn't take long either.

    look for the source called
    I don't know the XML off the top of my head but you can search for it easily

    I can confirm it works as well. did it on my bros 16 gig earlier before work. didn't take long either.
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    I have already jailbroken my phone 1.1.2 OTB but when i read step 2, I did not do it exactly as that..does it matter? can i still proceed to step 5?
    PS: do I need any of those software mentioned after step 5 from other source or to be downloaded differently or its all part/linked to thanks!!
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    thanks to this guide and iClarified. I now have 1.1.3 unlocked tested with t-mobile sim card. I used to have "sim card errors". Now it all works great...thanks

    youtube worked after installing the youtube activation app from I didn't test the email...That will be for another day. Just excited i don't have an Ibrick anymore.

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    it didn't work for me, now i'm stuck in recovery. i had a 1.1.2 OTB then unlocked with geohotz method. the phone was fine at 1.1.2 with t-moblie. then i updated to 1.1.3 using the dev method with my at&t sim inside. everything went fine, i was able to make calls with until i put in the t-mobile sim. the phone went to recovery mode but i can still see the t-mobile logo on the upper left corner. so, i decided to put in my at&t sim again but this it didn't work and went into recovery mode and i'm still able to see at&t logo on the upper left hand. so, now i connected the phone to itunes and it said something is wrong with my phone and to take it to the apple store. IMEI is fine. i also tried to enter *#0307# to see if i can around it, no luck...still in recovery mode. how do i get out of recovery? thanks in advance.
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    oh man i got my iphone 2 weeks ago and now this works a million thank u to geo..ur a genius!!!
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    16gb 1.1.3 OTB confirmed and unlocked.

    Thx for the guide.
    Tested everything working fine.

    At first i tried running unlock in jailbroken 1.1.2, it failed. So I ran through steps listed below.

    Steps I followed:
    Downgraded to 1.1.1 from 1.1.3
    Jailbreaked it
    Installed BSD Systems
    Installed Terminal
    Installed Oktoprep
    Ran Geohotz 1.1.2/1.1.3 unlock from installer
    Reboot phone
    Once completed, uninstalled Geohotz
    Upgraded to 1.1.2
    Ran Jailbreak

    Plugged in a T-mobile Sim card and everything is working fine now.

    Upgrading to 1.1.3 right now.
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    It works now!! my bad, it wasnt anything to do with the unlock process!!
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    is the OFFICIAL 1.1.3 soft upgrade same with official 1.1.3 upgrader? the one from the dev team?
    If not can you give me the source for the softupgrade?

    and how to know the baseband and my OTB if its 1.1.2 or 1.1.1? just want to make sure if i got the appropriate one.
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    Default 1.12 OTB unlock
    [QUOTE=dakko;177852]Ok, I haven't try this guide since I do not have any iphone that has BL 4.6.

    If you have a jailbroken 1.12 OTB phone, with “BDS Subsystem” installed; the easiest unlock is available by adding : to your instaler.
    Update sources, click on “ Unlock”
    Install “ Gunlock “ .
    In about three to five minutes your 1.12 OTB will be unlocked without any further input.

    I just did for my two phones, was using “stealth sim” before , now selling them cheap !!!

    Enjoy your unlocked phone !

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