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Thread: 3G iPhone can't be used....

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    Arrow 3G iPhone can't be used....
    Hey everyone,

    If you have seen any of my other posts... its about the fact that i am an indirect dealer w/ at&t and cant get an iphone 3G on my account.

    I have been trying to find some way to use the one i got however..

    with the first gen i just used ZiPhone to change the IMEI...

    Now I need to find some way to use this one....

    I bought the SIM hardware to unlock it, and it works. I am able to use a different SIM than the one the iPhone 3G is set to work with.

    Now the only thing is that at&t can track by IMEI, and they know when I am using an iphone 3G....

    is there any way to change the IMEI yet?
    if not, is there ANYTHING that can be done to jam that from at&t's tracking?
    Any way to change the information at&t sees so they dont know MY ACCOUNT is using THAT PHONE?

    Thanks guys!

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    No, unless you put the account into someone else's name. That would be your easiest....well, only bet.

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    Nah, i had one under my name, and cancelled it just so i can get the phone.

    Goal is to use it on my ANR (employee) account.

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    Seriously doubt it will be possible. At least not until we have an unlock method for the 3G. That may open up new avenues.

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    i guess so....

    well... i guess my first gen iphone will have to do till then.

    its just hard to let your shiny new iphone 3g sit on the nightstand collecting dust! lol

    kills me... lol

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    Hey, wanna sell it? LOL.

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    lol hahaha

    you know i really am contemplating that!

    but all the work that went into getting it lol....

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