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Thread: New guy... new 3g.... help!!!!

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    Default New guy... new 3g.... help!!!!
    Hello everyone,

    i just got a 3G locked and I'm trying to unlock with Ziphone but it's not working. it can not recognize the phone when it's on ITune.. also i have tried to restore using the 1.1.4 but still no luck, when i do that it gives me an error (5).

    i have read many many many posts but i still have not been able to solve the problem.

    any suggestions?
    please let me know.

    thank you very much

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    You can't unlock the 3G yet. Here's the only thing I'm aware of at the moment

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    You'll also find it dificult to go from Fw2.0,0 back to 1.1,4 in fact I dont think you can get the 3g iphone on FW1.1,4 have a look round the forum everthing you need to know is on here somwhere.

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    Ziphone does not work for 3G. The only unlock at the moment is a turbo sim card. For jailbreak, use pwnage tool (mac) or wnpwn or quickpwn (pc)

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    Another before you start screwing with the phone or your liable to end up with a very expensive brick.

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    Yes, I would try and wait until the Dev Team releases the 3G unlock instead of messing up your phone.
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    Thank's guys for the good tips, unfortunately it's a bit to late, i already tried a few things, I'll look around and wait for a new release.. thanks for the help!

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