hi,i have iphone 1.1.1 04.01.13_G with at&t data plan,and i unlocked with anysim,i changed two different sim with the iphone still on,one is T-Mobile and one is AT&T prepaid card,,it just works fine,the iphone can call in and out,but when i turn the iphone off with the AT&T sim inside the iphone,the iphone off,changed T-Mobile sim,turn the iphone back on,it show (different SIM detected please connect to itunes),change the AT&T prepaid card same and no service,so i put the AT&T sim back it works,i don't know why this happened? it is like i unlocked the iphone can changed any sim to use,but do not turn off the iphone,is that right?can i unlock it again?does anyone have this problem?please help.