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Thread: sim tray doesnīt pop out itīs broken!!

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    Default sim tray doesnīt pop out itīs broken!!
    Hi there,
    I bought yessim to unlock my 16gb 3g iphone. I inserted both sims following the instructions. It was hard to make it get in; after, when I tried to take it out pressing with tool, it wouldnīt pop out. It couldnīt get the sim out so I opened the iphone and took the sim out...but the little stick that ejects the tray it s no longer there.
    So now I can insert sim cards, but canīt take them out unless I open the iphone.

    PLEASE HELP!!!!!!


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    Did the yes sim work? The new iphones were not designed to hold these and the sim card. I tried with a Turbo Sim. What I noticed is that every time I pushed the paperclip down to eject the sim tray, it was like it was going into a void. Like nothing was there. I just wiggled it around a little and the sim tray ejected slightly. I then used my finer nails and patience to wiggle it out enough to were I could grasp it and pull.

    I moved the sim tray back and fourth slightly and was able to get it to come out partially. I pushed the Turbo Sim out from the bottom with my finger while pulling. Eventually, the tray came out, but the cut SIM card got stuck in the phone. I then has to take a slightly bent paper clip to fish the sim card out.

    Bottom line...these are a piece of s**t that don't work. I didn't have to take my phone apart, but if you get the tray out, don't do it again.

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    Iīve tried many times with the clip, but no sign of sim tray at all. The only option I had was to open the iphone, otherwise I wouldnīt have done it. Inside, it seems that a little piece is missing, the one that should make the tray pop out.

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    My tray doesn't eject anymore.

    I use a very thin screw driver, put it in and pull the tray out.


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    i too had troubles
    i ended up snapping the simtray leavin both cards in the phone along with haf the tray
    lucky a peice of the sim was hanging out and i could remove it
    but now i got a broken simtray
    had to order one in from HK should be here tomorrow or the day after at worst
    hopefully the next simcard i put in it is also the last one gotta love legally unlocked phones

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    Does anyone know if you can use the previous generation iphone sim tray? They seem more sturdier than the new plastic ones.

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    i hope they make a black metal sim tray mines bro to but can still be used,the little circle broke,it is not really the sim adapters it is the crappy cheap sim trays,also do what i did take a knife put the tip into the circle and pull upwards.

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    I've had this issue as well. You can use a paperclip and curve it so you have a hook (actually more like an "L" shape) on then end. when you insert it, point the hook towards the sim card (there is a space there where the sim card slants. It will allow you to get a hold of the sucker and pull it out. works like a charm.
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    no you cant use the first gen simtrays
    they actually hold the simcard the other way around
    when i first broke my tray i went and ordered a gen1 tray thinking it will work untill i get my new tray in from HK
    sadly it doesnt work
    and im still waiting for my simtray to arrive so far its taken 3 days to clear customs
    i swear the seller must of packed the package full of heroin ive never had ne thing take thing long to get threw customs especially a tiny peice of plastic
    its f@#king annoying

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