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Thread: Unknown Error (6) when trying to unlock 2.0.1

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    Question Unknown Error (6) when trying to unlock 2.0.1
    Ok I have been at this for hours and tried numerous remedies but I can not for the life of me get past error 6 in iTunes after creating my custom IPSW.

    I am trying to unlock my old iPhone for a friend, which was previously locked and on the AT&T network running standard 2.0.1 software.

    I followed every guide to the T with the latest version of WinPwn, created my software package, succesfully put the phone in to DFU mode per the method needed for 2.0.

    iTunes starts the restore process and goes succesfully until right after the "Preparing for update" step, once it gets to "Updating software" or whatever it says, that's when it errors out with code 6.

    Am I missing something? Do I need to downgrade firmware first, or unlock it with older firmware and then update again?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks in advance!

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    generally if you update to itunes 7.7 then make sure the phone is in dfu you wont get error 6
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    I had the same problem despite always being in DFU mode. I did 2 things, any one of which fixed it.

    1) I rebooted my PC. Apparently this can sometiems fix the problem with Winpwn.

    2) I upgraded my Baseband to 4.6 when creating the custom IPSW. Most guides say to leave ot unless you know what you are doing but it worked.

    Well one of them did.

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    Dear Friends I also got big problem.I have one 4GB iPhone with touch.This phone locked by AT &T.I updated is for firmware 2.0.1.And I try to unlock this phone used Ziphone Jailbrake.But I couldnt.I am used Windows operatiing system.Can I unlock this iPhone? Please help to me


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    Thanks for the replies yall.

    I was able to get my phone working and unlocked on 2.0.1 by downgrading to 1.1.4 and jailbreaking/unlocking it with iLiberty and then upgrading to the custom 2.0.1 software created by WinPwn.

    Good to go!!!

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    ziphone doesnt support 2.0 you have to pwn the iphone to unlock the baseband
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    can you please tell me which program should i wont to download from net and unlock my iPhone. If you can give me the link.


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    Go to iClarified - Apple News and Tutorials
    And search for the tutorial which unlocks 2.0.1. Make sure to follow the 1st generation iPhone tutorial, and not the 3G.

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