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Thread: iPhone 3g - ICCID unknown

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    Default iPhone 3g - ICCID unknown
    I bought an iPhone 3G on eBay. According to seller it is locked with Rogers Canada. I want to jailbreak it using WinPwn. The problem is I've noticed that the ICCID is unknown but IMEI is known. I've googled ICCID and it means Integrated Circuit Card ID which is a 19 or 20 digit unique number that identifies an individual SIM card used in GSM and 3G phones. The number is printed onto the SIM card. My question is can WinPwn activate my iPhone or can WinPwn give my iPhone the ICCID number? I'm planning to use Yessim or Stealthsim after I jailbreak it. Please help me. Thanks!

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    Default iccid #
    As soon as you pop in you sim card the iccid will show up.
    I bought one off ebay too and was wondering why I had no iccid.

    I don't know if using yessim or stealthsim is good because sometimes that messes up the iphone. Right now I'm using at&t for my 3g so I theres no need to unlock it. On my original Iphone that was running 2.0 I had to downgrade that back to 1.14 (I'm not %100 sure if you can do it on the 3g but im pretty sure you can because its the same firmware) to downgrade I had to get itunes 7.5 and download 1.14 after I do that I put my phone in DFU mode then I hold shift and click restore and click my 1.14 firmware. Then on the installer app in your iphone download BootNeuter having them at these settings: 3.9 bootloader ,neuter On, fakeblank Off, unlock on. Go back to itunes 7.7 your going to need a custom 2.0.1 custom firmware ( get ilibery and put into normal recovery mode hold shift and click on restore and find that custom firmware. hopes this helps lol
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    Default iphone
    thanx. yes it is as you say. once you insert a sim card iccid shows up.

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