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Thread: Anyone getting a universal sim?

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    Exclamation Anyone getting a universal sim?
    From what i seen from there site 3g works on there sim adapters as well as edge so if anyone gets one please reply back here with how it is working for ya

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    Im getting some, if I lucky I will have it by Saturday (Socal), if not then I have to wait till Monday!

    Will definately post back report. Especially the T-Zone internet package...

    Hopefully it will work...

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    Default universal-sim
    I am receiving my universal sim from canada this week. I am going to test it and post the result.

    I tried the sim card from I-smartphone, it doesn't work. Please do not waste your money. I bought my I-smarphone from for $19 after shipping and handling. Wait 10 days and test it on T-mobile - IT DOESN'T WORK.


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    They don't work on any 3G iphone in the US. Invalid SIM. Dont waste your time or money.

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    I can agree to that the ismart phone sim card doesnt work.
    Who uses signatures these days???

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    I bought 10 pieces of Universal Sims on Ebay through a seller ondeon from HK. The layout of the auction designed with GSM-traders name on it.. All of the 10 pieces I got were printed "" on it, instead of "". I thought they are fake but the guy said that they are 100% real and I can ask the admin of to confirm. (Which I havent)

    The seller shipped to me 10 pieces of universal sims and said that he didnt not send me the Pkey card reader because they are already updated to the latest version which is V5.0

    Here is the result:

    All 10 sims did not work otb on T-Mobile USA. It will get signal the first time I put the card in, but if I go to some place that have weak or no T-Mobile signal (I never got service in my kitchen) it will loose network and display "No Service" forever. No matter how many time I turn on/off the phone, put it in airplan mode, turn on off 3G or Roaming... I tried it all, still it wouldnt get signal back (only solution is to do a full restore to get signal back up). At the beginning when it work, I can make call, and receive call, sms, but no EDGE. The EDGE icon didnt even appear. (Tmobile USA dont have 3G)

    Now I will return all 10 pieces of universal sims and get my refund!

    Btw, the seller name is Sebastian Bueckle (I googled him, and he seems like a very legit person, if all that is true, then universal-sim is not working on Tmobile USA)

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    RE: the Universal Sim, read my post here its the third one down. Message me if you need any advice!

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    hey storm take out the tmobile sim put it on another phone get service then re enter it with the universal sim in the iphone that should fix it

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    istorm thats not a universal sim. universal sim does work on tmo usa with edge tho. no problems so far.

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    Quote Originally Posted by andrew.julian View Post
    istorm thats not a universal sim. universal sim does work on tmo usa with edge tho. no problems so far.
    Dang, so I've been scammed? Where did you buy your universal sim? Can you give me the link?

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