I have been using my spanish simcard with a sweetSim in my US 1.1.2
(O.T.B.) iPhone since the SweetSim arrived last 14th of january till
yesterday (a couple of hours ago). I am desperate. I will try to explain
what happened. I was looking all the phone settings when I went to
carrier and tap the "call waiting" to activate it. I also input the VPN info to activate EDGE (which worked perfectly). In that moment the
screen shows an Error message and I lost my carrierīs signal.
I re-install the iWorld but it do nothing alll the time the screen
shows the message: "Incorrect SIM. This iPhone must be used with an
approved SIM".

I could place mi iPhone back in 1.1.2 activated and jailbreaked (with 1.0.2 doungrade, then 1.1.1-jailbreak and then 1.1.2.)
But the Bluetooth problem is htstill there "Bluetooth Unavailable"
in the Settigs>General. I can syncronize perfectly (which is the
only problem I have solved with all this process).

The main thing is that the SweetSIM card is not working properly
since I can not recieve any SMS if the iPhone is in sleep mode.
Once I Awake the iPhone still I do not receive the SMS's sent to my
iphone until someone send me a new SMS while my iPhone is awake, is
then (when this new SMS arrives) when the SMSīs sent to me when the
iPhon was sleeping arrives.

So I am now at the same point where I was a couple of days before
when all this nigthmare begun.

I am fraid the SMS problem (which is the mos important for me
because I need to can be contacted all times, not only when I awake
my iPhone) is not about the iPhone FW because I have recover it all
from 1.0.2 all the way to 1.1.2 but I am not sure.

Do you think the bluetooth problem will be fixed if I soft-upgrade
to 1.1.3?
Do you think the SMS and all the phone functions will work fine
with the SweetSIM Card if I soft-upgrade to 1.1.3?

It is really safe to do the 1.1.3 upgrade right now?.

I know those are a lot of questions but need your help so much...

I am desperate and will appreciate any help as soon as

Thanks a lot.