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Thread: Best SIM Adapter to unlock iPhone 3G

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    hi all iam new here ... i just got the 8gb 3g and its locked plz can anyone tell which one is the best sim adapter ..... iam now in jordan...

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    I have been using a universal-sim v5.0 for two months on Thursday. AT&T locked 3G on T-Mobile US FW 2.1 BB 02.08.01

    Calls in/out = working
    SMS in/out = working
    Edge = working (T-Zones hack)
    Caller ID = working
    GPS = working
    3G = NA

    When I loss signal it comes right back within two minutes. This *sim has worked flawlessly for two months and still going! I'm actually shocked it been this long and it still works. Reading most of the comments here and on other forums I was expecting it to crap out long ago. I only pay $20 on ebay. The more expensive *sim from what I read never lasted this long.
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    so the universal sim is the best...if there is athers plz update us

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    Quote Originally Posted by DSMKilla View Post
    Which one are you using?
    3G Gevey and it cost only 15 bucks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lostology View Post
    3G Gevey and it cost only 15 bucks.
    Yeah I'm with this guy on this one. I just got my 3G Gevey Last week cost me $16 bucks and it works flawless so far.

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    Quote Originally Posted by abouud View Post
    so the universal sim is the best...if there is athers plz update us
    Virgin Sim... no cut solution. Been working over 2 weeks, no loss of signal or data edge.
    been a way better experience than i had with universal sim

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    Quote Originally Posted by jslatone View Post
    Universal SIM works fine on all firmware versions of iPhone 3G

    See details here:
    Universal SIM iPhone 3G LEGALLY UNLOCKED 8GB 16GB +more - eBay (item 330275474098 end time Oct-29-08 12:07:16 PDT)

    For wholesalers with PKEY (a.k.a. ISO P-Key reader programmer for VISTA):
    $168 P-Key Vista USB Programmer 20 Universal SIM + PKEY - eBay (item 330280227857 end time Nov-18-08 19:37:06 PST)
    Just remember that results may vary. I have replaced the universal sim 2 times, and it still drops edge constantly, requiring a reboot, sometimes several to get it back(and Im not the only one to have this problem)... signal loss happens often, most of the time it will regain signal right away, but sometimes it takes a few mins... 3 times it lost signal giving me the dreaded "No Service- No SIM card is installed" message.. in which the only way to recover from this is to remove the sim, place it into a tmobile authorized phone and let it regain signal, then you can remove it from that phone and place it into the iPhone again... so basically its a waiting game that will eventually happen, so you need to have a tmobile phone with you at all times just in case this happens... very frustrating. until they come out with another update from V550, I will not use the universal sim. The guy that sold it to me acts like Im the only guy that this is happening to, and offers to reprogram it for me, but after 2 replacments and 2 reprograms what am I supposed to think? Ill tell you what I think.. FAIL

    Of course there is the lucky person every now and then that claims its been working for 2 months without fail. I highly doubt it, but you can only get proven results if you try it yourself. Too bad they dont offer a money back guarantee.

    Anyways, I still stand behind virgin sim. Almost 3 weeks and not a problem yet. And everyone else that Ive been in contact with while beta testing it has had the same experience. And virgin sim requires NO cutting of your sim card. It just fits right the first time. Universal sim requires you to punch a hole in your sim to make it fit, and even then it still is a really tight fit that requires sanding of the sim or IC chip sometimes(big hassle).

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    Default Is this the best
    Quote Originally Posted by DSMKilla View Post
    Yeah I'm with this guy on this one. I just got my 3G Gevey Last week cost me $16 bucks and it works flawless so far.
    So do we agree that this is the best solution at the moment (untill Software unlock comes ??)

    And where did you get it from for $16 because i have just looked on line and it is $60+ ... Does anyone have a link i need it shipping to the UK.


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    Id go with Virgin SIM's.

    As you can see in my sig, ive tested quite a few.

    Only Virgin SIM's have worked well for me.

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    Damn... I hope my Universal Sim works well. Everyone is giving a poor review of it.

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    i'm using a gevey on a 3g with tmobile. everything works great so far, had to jailbreak with quickpwn using instructions from total internet plan.

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    i bought an i-smart sim like andrew.julian did and i have tried it with my other non ATT fones and they work fine! i paid $7 + free ship.

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    I use this one iPhone Sim Unlock - 3G iPHONE UNLOCKING SOLUTION
    It's better than gewey an i smartphone and they even offer full oneyback guarantee.

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    Some sim cards I had used troubled me with gps and loss of signal so I too ordered from iPhone Sim Unlock - 3G iPHONE UNLOCKING SOLUTION
    and think their card is one of the better on the market today.

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    Default 2 1/2 months later......still good!!
    Quote Originally Posted by Renblade View Post
    Damn... I hope my Universal Sim works well. Everyone is giving a poor review of it.
    you should be ok as long as you are on version 5.5, but there appear to be mixed feelings about the performance of these unlockers from Universal Sim.
    As for the two I've fitted with U.S.unlocker, there have been no complaints. Had mine for ten weeks now and all I can say is that it has minor bugs, but nothing a reboot won't fix. No removing and re-inserting of sim card... Just respring or worse case scenario, reboot. If you loose communications, I.E. Internet or phone, simply reset network settings under the General tab in Settings itself.

    That's the worst of it. 95% of the time everything works perfectly on it.
    This seems to be the case got T-Mobile network in the UK. I can't really comment on others experiences in different countries.

    I've just updated my Universal Sim adapter to version 5.8 and reception seems to be marginally better than on 5.5, but it is too soon to tell. I'll keep you all posted. Is anyone else here running 5.8? Tried it and reverted to 5.5 of lower? Please share your experiences.
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    well, this been 4days i am using turbo sim, so far, i first put it in, i have nothing, 1bar signal then nothing, no services come on 5min, still nothing, then after 10min, tmobile came on, signal weak go out services alot. 2rd days, tmobile stay on pretty much all the time, when it go out it take awhile to come back on, 3rd day work awesome, never go out to no services work perfect, txt, calls, a few drop call, but that just cellphone. edge dont work on 1st day. 2rd day in and out, everytime i reboot the phone it come back on, 3rd day work awesome little slow, 4rd day freaking went out again, nothing, even reboot phone. so not sure about edge deal, but also i been hearing alot of ppl have edge problem, i'm not sure about turbosim take some time to work good, becuz the 1st day it work ok, but now it stay on, signals great. may be there's a warm up period lol! but gevey sim work good with tmobile usa. so, hope this help you guys out there. and really don't have to worry too long on services, i read they crack the core system on 10/25, which allow them to get into the baseband. so is matter of time the software unlock coming out. and they also said there's a possibility of 3g hardware can be software update to make it work with tmobile 3g, but it just a rumor. which i think it may work, same i upgrade my evdo on my htc touch to evdo revA, faster speed, and also my rounter, to change firmware, but its a may be not sure deal, and i heard tmobile are working on some new 3g network that's suppose to work with european band, and 3g on usa model is the same with euro. so it may be possibilty too. who knows, but unlock will come out soon. from now on, just have to use chip for now.

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    I have been using a Gevey 3G on Tmobile USA 8GB iphone 3G. So far it's been working 4 days. I went out today running errands around town,Never lost service and no problems. Is anyone else having good luck with the Gevey 3G ?

    Only cost me $10.00 on ebay.

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    I'm with I-smartphone and it has been working with the following sim/networks for more than 1 month, in normal mode and roaming mode. I even upgrade my Swiss iPhone 3G to 2.1 without any problem.

    All calls in/out, SMS in/out, EDGE/3G, WiFi works fine to me.

    Maxis - Malaysia
    Du - Dubai
    Orange - France ( Strange that it doesn't work without the I-smartphone even though Orange is the official seller for iPhone in France ?)

    A point to note. I notice the network signal is very weak everytime I use a new SIM, but it goes to full bar after I reset the network settings a few times. Any problem, I just reset network settings, it's one of the best way to do a final check before posting your questions/problems/issues. Note reset network settings sometimes has different effects from power down/up. Good luck.
    US iPhone 8Gb 1.1.1 Wk38 Jailbroken and Unlocked

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