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Thread: HELP, im new and need advice about sim cards

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    Default HELP, im new and need advice about sim cards
    I need help on deciding which sim card i should get. The stealth sim black seems like the best choice, but i dont want to pay 100 for one.

    also, where can i get a semi-affordable 1.1.2 iphone, possible already jailbroken?

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    Turbosim is by far the best chip. Right now the shop is down so you will be throwing about 200 bucks at it to get a genuine one. The genuine is made by bladox and is programmable (future proof?) In my opinion you may as well get a chines knockoff if you don't get turbosim. I have helped many people with OTB 1.1.2 phones, some got turbosim, some got stealth, others got cheap knockoffs (about 30 bucks). The knockoffs are basically stealthsim clones. One issue comes up with all of them... there is a chance that the card will slide around and the contacts won't be on right, causing a "NO SIM" or "NO SERVICE" error. Best friend in this case is double sided tape. As far as CHEAP jailbroken 1.1.2 units... they don't exist. You might be able to get a 1.1.2 on eBay or even your local apple store if they still have some old ones. At this point it is hard to know and the salespeople are not very helpful (I am sure they have been instructed to play dumb on this topic).
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    I would highly recommend StealthSIM over any other SIM Mods out there. Simply because the support behind these units, all these other card makers dont really have a legit website... good luck getting any sort of warranty work done or support from the manufacturers of these other cards like a turbosim.

    StealthSIM are designed very well, and now come with a unique Serial Number on each card that is displayed when you put it into your phone.. So you Know you have a LEGIT non cloned card.

    Yes $94 is a bit expensive, but you get what you pay for. Service, support, warranty etc and a Card that will work with pretty much ALL SIMS out there... and you really dont have to cut your actual sim card all that much.

    As far as tape goes, I wouldnt recommend it... it will just make the card even bigger to slide in the sim tray and you increase your risk of getting this stuck even more...

    You can goto and use coupon code: stealth to save yourself $5

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