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Thread: How to successfully go from unlocked -> locked?

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    Default How to successfully go from unlocked -> locked?
    Alright, I got my iPhone with 1.0.2 OTB. I am now running it unlocked, 1.1.1 firmware on T-Mobile. The thing is, the main reason I unlocked was to avoid the ridiculous T-Mobile cancellation fee. Well, my contract is finally almost over & I would like to switch to AT&T because T-Mobile in Seattle is terrible. I can't use the AT&T SIM that came in the phone because I restored it too many times in the unlock process & iTunes no longer sees that SIM as a useable card. If I go get a new SIM from AT&T & run the 1.0.2 baseband virginizer, should I be good to go & be able to set up the phone through Apple's site as if it had never been used? Thanks in advance.

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    I don;t see how itunes can't see this sim as a usable card. If you virginize the phone and get a new sim it should work... but it should also work with the old one. I have done countless restores and my original ATT card that came with the phone still is willing to activate if I allow itunes to do so.
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    i will sell u a AT&T sim that has never been activated or $15
    EDIT: wait...i only got one left...somebody else will though probably

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    I dont think you need to pay anybody for a sim card. Go to the AT&T store, tell them you bought an iPhone used, and it didnt come with the AT&T sim card, but you would like to start up service with them, so can you have one. I know TMoibile hands em out just fine. I know AT&T can be dicks about it, but if you ask nicely and get the right person, iam sure they would be happy to.
    But anyway, I would simply run revirginizer, then restore the phone to 1.1.3.
    That way you can have all the cool features of 1.1.3, on ATT.

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