Ok so I've run into this little problem. My friend bought an iphone back in August that was already unlocked and using Tmobile in the US. The current version of firmware then was 1.0.2 and he hadn't upgraded since he didn't want to break the unlock. Then he started having problems that the computer wouldn't recognize the iPhone. Thinking that a restore would do the trick he restored it to 1.0.2 and got stuck.

Now the phone won't even go into recovery mode it just has "Please connect to iTunes" and the computer wont recognize it, iTunes, independence, apptapp installer nothing. Its unactivated since it is using a Tmobile SIM card and is still locked. I can't upgrade the phone to 1.1.1 because it wont go into restore mode and the *#301# trick wont work to activate since it is 1.0.2. I can't virginize the phone either since the computer wont recognize it.

Is there anyone who has experienced this? Would the only solution be getting a AT&T SIM card and activating it that way. Help!

This is all the information that me and him know and we don't know how it was unlocked originally because he bought it unlocked. Thanks for your help.