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Thread: Just got a iPhone What should I do?

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    Default Just got a iPhone What should I do?
    Well, i jsut got a iPhone via the net (ATT). Well, i want to unlock it and downgrade it, but i dont want to register yet, and then theres new firmware (1.1.3?) i donno how to check mine since its not activated yet. So what should I do first? I know I should read up on this first, but I really want some answers quick lol, I'm going to read up on the iPhone(hacks/unlocks) right now though.

    thanks in advance
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    Why would you want to unlock it if you bought it from ATT?

    You should read the other posts first to answer your questions!

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    I'm not really sure, I just want to unlock it, use a difference service or something, I have anyother phone that goes through AT&T, but I want to unlock it, but the question is Should I? and do I have to activate.
    thanks for replying

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    idk were but somwere on this massive site
    is a way to
    "fake activate" it

    so ur in the phone but no phone
    i did t his when i had my iphone
    ipot now:[

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    i think i heard about that but i dont know if it still works and I don't know what is my firmware at (EDIT: firmware 04.02.13_G so what is that). Also couldn't get it to recovery mode thingy, w/e it is called on iPhones. But thanks thats good info.
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    just try it anyways
    it wont do harm
    if it doesnt work it wont
    if it doesn then w000hoo

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    To get into recovery plug into computer> hold down power and home buttons until it shuts off and boots again> let go of power but hold home button until its in restore.

    Checking frimware:
    1. slide for emergency
    2. dial *#307# HIT CALL
    3. phone will ring... delete the entery (little backspace button on top right), enter 0 and hit call
    4. phone will ring again hit answer
    5. hit hold
    6. hang up
    7. click contacts (center bottom)
    8. enter random name for contact
    9. enter prefs:1f for the url
    10. save and exit this screen
    11. go into this contact and click prefs:11 url link in the contact info
    12. click general
    13. click about
    all the information for version and such is in there for you under the "about" section

    By the way, though it wasn't a big deal for me to type this from memory you should looke through forums. Everything I posted here is available through forums. I came across all this data by searching for it, not asking for it. Only ask when its not available. This info. is considered elementary, so you will find it in dozens of posts on multiple sites!

    By the way if you are thinking of doing AT&T it is much easier to just activate through AT&T because you don't have to go through all the manual activate junk each time you need to restore. Basically since you don;t know what you are doing yet, you may as well make it easier for yourself if you think you are going to go with AT&T
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    Yea, i am looking in the guides and stuff now, its just that i just got the iphone n i wanted to test it out really quickly, got excited kinda thing, i mostly don't ask in forums for simple questions. I used to help ppl on forums about game system and computers and stuff like that, and yes it is really time consuming trying out all the simple answers to the questions. Haven't been in forums in a while though, got way to pointless tring to help some ppl.

    Thanks, man i really appreciate it.

    Edit: I'm on bootloader 04.02.13_G with defult 1.1.2 firmware. I heard that cannot be unlocked, is this true, cause I am so confused searching. I've downgraded it to 1.1.1, and I jailbreaked it. I'm guess anysim won't work, through searching. I think I read in one site that it can be unlocked buying a tool. I'm guessing thats the HyperSim...etc cards that I read about a while ago? How does those thing work? They can't be resued right? they stay in the iphone? idk can someone explane that a little.
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