ok here's a short story on what's up. I bought my wife a used iphone, had it unlocked because we use tmobile. Then paid another guy to help me get it working to where it will get internet on the 5.99 plan. We have the 5.99 plan but we can only get internet when we're @ wireless modems. She wants to be able to view all her pic messages and has swirly on it and some other crap she'll probably never use. The 2nd guy i got to help me won't return my call so i can catch up to him and i cannot remember exactly where his apartment is and which one it is. When we power it up it shows the ipwn logo on it and he said he updated it to the newest firmware. I would really appreciate any help in getting this resolved so she can get the internet we're paying for on her phone. She's considering selling it but hell, i've got over 400.00 invested in it now and i refuse to let her sell it over this. So if you can help me or give me a step by step so i can get this done i would again appreciate it. Also there is an upgrade of " bossprefs version 1.73 " that is asking me to update but i'm not doing it unless i know it won't lock this phone back up. When i go into the swirly program and hit fetch " she has 15 messages" it says the proxy and mmsc needs to be set. so i hope this helps in troubleshooting this.