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Thread: I want to switch to AT&T

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    Default I want to switch to AT&T
    Ok, this is going to be a very noobish question....But i'm getting more and more confused about iPhone and the modding community by the here's my problem

    I got an iPhone when I was in Hong Kong. I went through the unlock and activation and everything. It works fine, and I've gone ahead to install many apps and contacts and calenders (it's become a big part of my life now :P) ANYWAY, I've come back to the states and I found that I lost my old SIM card (from T-mobile) so i thought "what the heck, I'll switch to AT&T, that way I can use youtube and all the features that make the iPhone so much cooler to use in the states!"

    Here's what I don't understand....Do I just go and buy a plan from AT&T, get the sim card, and plug it into the iPhone and all the cool features would work while not having to wipe out all the work that I've already saved on the iPhone? (i.e. I don't want to re-install everything and re-add everything) or is there something I have to do on the side?

    Sorry for such a n00bish question.....But I'd GREATLY appreciate someone's assistance

    P.S. I'm using a Mac OS X Leopard on MBP. iPhone is unlocked and v 1.1.1

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    You do realize you can get a replacement Tmobile sim card? From what I understand you lost your Tmobile sim, so now you want to go to ATT? And you also do realize that the ONLY thing ATT offers that any other unlocked server provider does not, is visual voicemail?
    Youtube and everything else will work on Tmobile and anyother GSM carrier.

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    "I want to switch to AT&T" Dear god i have never heard that before.
    Just get a replacement T-Mobile, save $150

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    Ah at&t haters. I love em. Makes me feel good to port over more & more tmobile customers each month.

    To answer your question you can open an account with at&t, choose your voice plan & select an unlimited media net or max plan. Depending on whether you want 200 txt msgs or unlimited. Grab a free phone since your entitled to it & use the sim card in your iPhone.

    If you really want the visual vm feature than to have to have an iPhone plan but unnecessary if you don't want to give up your imei.

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