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Thread: iPhones unlocked using modded Sim Cards?

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    Default iPhones unlocked using modded Sim Cards?
    I recently found a website called

    After talking with their sales representative, I found out that they claim to unlock their iPhones through a Sim Card "adapter". All you have to do is put your Rogers, Fido or whatever carrier card in, and the phone thinks its AT&T's. I thought that this technology had never been done before..but I guess I was wrong?

    Here is a copy of the conversation I had:

    Felix: how are the iphones that you sell guaranteed to stay unlocked?

    Tina: we don't software unlock our phones

    Tina: we use a special simcard

    Tina: so there is no way to "brick" our phones

    Tina: because they're not hacked

    Felix: oh i see, but how could i use the special simcard with rogers or fido? don't they require you to use their own simcard?

    Tina: basically there are 2 cards

    Tina: the adapter we ship you

    Tina: and a real Rogers or Fido sim

    Tina: that goes inside

    Felix: i see. so, it is guaranteed to stay unlocked, and i can update the firmware on my phone as often as possible?

    Tina: yes

    Tina: the updates work just fine

    Tina: because the phone thinks its an AT&T

    Felix: yeah. i previously thought that simcard unlocking was just a concept, and had never been successfully done before. when did your company begin to use this simcard unlocking technology?

    Tina: October

    Tina: its not really sim unlocking

    Tina: it's technical term is "Sim Spoofing"

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    This has been around for a good while now. There are tons of options. SteathSIM, HyperSIM, TurboSIM... those are just a few out there.

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    Oh... my bad.

    And from what I've read, it looks a LOT like a scam.

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    Stealthsim is based in canada. Just get one of those.
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    All right, so there are many, what would be recommended the best?

    And these are guaranteed to never lock your iPhone, meaning your iPhone will always be unlocked?


    Which one unlocks 1.1.3
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    I'm using a "spoof sim" that I bought from a seller in Hong Kong (risky, I know) and am using with my US T-Mobile SIM. I've also put the cut SIM card into another phone without any problems. The spoof I'm using is called DigiBox and so far it's working perfectly (about 3 weeks). I'm on 1.1.2 though and can't confirm whether or not the spoof will work with an update. It's not as elegant a solution as a software unlock but for those of us with 1.1.2 OOB iPhones, SIM cloning seems to be the only option right now.

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