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Thread: Unlock Problem...please help! Firm 1.0.2!

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    Default Unlock Problem...please help! Firm 1.0.2!
    I have an iphone on 1.0.2...running on at&t...and i need to unlock it so i can use with my TIM (brazil) sim card. I tried unlocking it with anySim and it says it was sucessfull.....but when i insert the TIM sim says INCORRECT SIM ... PLEASE CONECT TO ITUNES

    This phone was unlocked on 1.0.2 before.....i ran the virginize....and then upgraded to 1.1.1 and unlocked it....but no sucess.....i downgraded to 1.0.2 (virginized and downgraded baseband) and tried to unlock and still the same message.....INCORRECT SIM


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    Can you check the IMEI # . It is 004900000xxx. Check it With the Simcard in and out. Everytime take the simcard out or in, reboot iphone then check the IMEI#. If it shows 0049000xxx even the simcard out that means iphone is dead by now. If it shows the original # 01130000706xxx when the Simcard is out. follow this link
    At Phase 3 do it without the simcard in.

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    Im running into the same issue. But ill try to do what DeeDeeDee recommended.

    Ok I just did what you said DEEDEEDEE.

    My phone still has the original IMEI with the SIM card in and out. I dont get the 0049XXX. But it still says I have to connect to iTunes.

    Please someone help. Man I hate AT&T. I need to unlock!


    Should I removed the Virginizor_Pack and Saviour Pack files from the usr/bin area before I run anySIM?

    Should I disable WiFi as well?
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