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Thread: Losing my mind!!

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    Default Losing my mind!!
    Here's my problem:

    I'm in Canada and bought an iPhone in the US. I'm not bothering to jailbreak it until I'm out of my current cell contract ( just enjoying the wifi, etc.).

    The phone accidentally "upgraded" to 1.1.2. I followed the steps in the guides found on this site and I downgraded back to 1.1.1.

    Problem is, my home screen doesn't exisit anymore! All I get is the "Activate Iphone Connect to iTunes" "slide for emergency " page when I power it up.

    When I connect it to iTunes it still wants to get me an AT&T account!

    How do I make this behave like the 1.1.1 I used to know?

    I have searched many posts for answers and repeated the steps in the guide over and over. ANY help is deeply appreciated!


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    @ orbital

    When you Downgraded back to 1.1.1 from 1.1.2, all you need is to jailbreak the phone then install oktoprep from installer then upgrade back to 1.1.2. Once upgrade is completed you will see a USB Cord and a disk and the slide to emergency is talking in tongues.

    Now ofcourse assuming you have the jailbreak.jar downloaded, on your 1.1.2 jailbreak folder run windows.bat for windows, not sure on mac sorry.

    check the install ssh then let it run till it finished it will tell you to reboot your iphone. it will reboot itself again after you reboot it then you will have the slide to unlock instead of the slide to emergency talking in tongues. If you need it unlock, install anysim 1.2.1u from installer. Turn airplain mode on. set auto lock to never then run anysim.

    You can choose the guide of your choice under unlock

    IF you still want 1.1.1, then you will need to downgrade your baseband too.

    Carrier: Tmobile
    Location: California, SD
    Apple iPhone 8gb : FW 1.1.2 Unlocked
    EDGE: $5.99 Tzones Plan
    Email: YES
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    YouTube: YES

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    Thanks you guys... I think my baseband is what needs downgrading... any advice? I'll also check the guides.

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    Okay it's been another week and I've just about had it. Now I can't seem to kick the thing out of DFU mode even with iNdependance ( I keep getting "errors registering for callbacks " ) messages ).

    Even if I could get it back to the " Activate iPhone with Itunes" screen, I can't get to wifi, or general settings, etc. to jailbreak it like the guides say! It seems to Jailbreak, I need to be able to get on the net with it, etc.

    If I could do that, I wouldn't need to post this.
    Please forgive my lack of knowledge but I'm nearly at the end of my rope! HELP!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by toyvan View Post
    Just update to 1.1.3.....
    This is a very bad idea if he is using in canada. he will be locked out of using the phone features for a very long time! DO NOT UPDATE to 1.1.3 unless you are in the USA planning on using the ATT network!!!!

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