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Thread: using pre-paid SIM cards on activated (ATT) iPhones

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    Default using pre-paid SIM cards on activated (ATT) iPhones
    Hi all,

    I'm still learning the ropes of using a GSM phone utilizing a SIM card. I'm currently with ATT service, jailbroken only 1.1.1. Without the SIM card, the phone says "No SIM" and I can continue to use the phone's other features, including WIFI. No worries on voice/data roaming charges.

    Are pre-paid SIM cards available for purchase (ie a $20 pre-paid call card-ish). If I can buy one, can I use it on my iPhone and make/receive calls on it with the pre-paid SIM?

    I'm planning on a trip outside the USA. This stuff is new to me, and I have not experienced this before.



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    Yup prepaid sims are available from all(well i dont know that for a FACT... but i would ASSUME SO) Providers for around yes the $20 mark. You can get ones inside the US for very cheap as well..

    Where you planning on heading? I am sure there is a number of members on this forum that have used a Pre-Paid/Pay-as-You-Go service in the country/countries your heading to. Perhaps they can shed some light on exactly which providers to utilize.

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    I'll be heading to Japan for about a week. I searched through Google and found out that GSM is not deployed over there (not sure if this information is up to date). If anyone knows the latest info on GSM in Japan, please let me know

    At least I can use WiFi while I'm over there.


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    japan last time i checked is all 3g ev-do cdma(same technology verizon uses)

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    yup japan and south korea are on the 3g ev-do cdma ;(

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