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Thread: unlocking 3g?

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    Default unlocking 3g?

    Has anyone tried this?... i thought the 3g's to unlock them require a turbo or type sim?

    iPhone Unlock Team - firmware 1.1.4 , 1.1.3, 1.1.2,*iPhone 3g All Models Unlocker

    I just picked up a 3g, and need it unlocked... any suggestions?

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    read the damn mother ******* god damned ******* cock homepage!

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    wow that's a intelligent response...

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    Ugh! some people have the mental capacity where they can only use one syllable words. To answer you question saynt, these do not work. What they do is take the free ware such as Ziphone, iLiberty+, and the new pwnage unlocking tool and sell them to you. I've already tried as well as several others. Trust me, don't do it.

    There is a new unlock available for firmware 2.0 (please see home page) but it does not unlock the 3G iphone, only the previous generation. Hope this helps you.

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    Thanks Brent,

    I was hoping I was missing something somewhere. I knew the new pwnge tool wont unlock the new ones.. as of yet.. .was just hoping there was a way still.

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    I wish. I've got four of them sitting here waiting to sell on ebay

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    Where can you buy the sim adapter that will unlock the 3G?

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    Here is a sim adapter I found on ebay it specifically sais IPHONE 3G but im not sure if I would trust it let me know what you guys think : http://

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    Does that work?

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    Hey guys, it doesn't work. I've tried on my 3G and 4GB previous generation iPhone...NO GO

    (tried with hypersim and T Mobile Sim card, then with a Turbo SIM and T Mobile SIM card)

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