I got a refurbished iphone from the apple store, it came with 3.9 bootloader, with 1.1.2 installed on it. When i downgrade the baseband and firmware to 1.1.1 i can unlock the phone, but when i install Ocktoprep and update(not restore) to 1.1.2 and try and use anysim 1.2.1.u it gives me the succeeded message but my iphone isnt unlocked. I put in my Tmobile UK sim and it says, it detected a different sim than than the one on itunes. I've been at this since last night and spent all day on it today. Still not work. Does anyone have any ideas?

Thanks In Advance.

I checked the bootloader by adding this source to installer www.trejan.com/irepo then added baseband info in UTILITIES.